Air conditioning repair costs

Do you have an air conditioner in your home that no longer works properly? Do you still want to be able to enjoy a well cooled house during hot summer months? In that case you’d want to have your air conditioning repaired by a specialist. Many people, however, have no idea what the costs for these kinds of repairs will be. We’d like to give you more information in this article!

Air conditioning repair costs

How much does it cost to have an A/C repaired?

It’s very difficult to tell how much it’ll cost to have your A/C repaired for every situation. Every type of damage is different. However, we understand that it’s important for you to have a clear picture of the average costs that you will have to take into account when repairing your air conditioning system. We have included these costs in the table below.

Type of repair Average cost What is included in the price
Easy to solve Approximately 80 dollars Half an hour’s work as well as the call-out charge. Any costs for replacing parts are not included in the price.
Average repair Between 160 & 220 dollars One hour of work, the call-out costs as well as the replacement of one or more parts.
Major repairs Between 350 & 680 dollars Half a day’s work, the call-out costs as well as the replacement of one or more expensive parts.


The costs as shown in the table above provide you with a clear picture of the average cost per repair that you have to take into account. However, we can imagine that it isn’t obvious which repair is applicable in your situation. For this reason, we’d like to discuss the three different repair options and the associated costs in more detail:

Small repairs. If your A/C has a small defect, it’s usually possible to solve this problem in a relatively simple way. In this situation, the specialist needs half an hour to solve the problem. However, it’s important to take into account that in this case no parts need to be replaced. Therefore, assume about 80 dollars.

Regular repair. In most cases, one or more parts need to be replaced when repairing an air conditioner. Often the repair of the A/C relates to solving cracks in the hoses or pipes. Such repairs could will cost you between 175 and 240 dollars.

Major repairs. If you have an air conditioner that has been in use for many years, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a major repair in the event of a defect. In the worst case, it may be necessary to replace the indoor or outdoor unit as a whole. In this situation, the mechanic will have about half a day’s work to solve the problem. And then there are the materials to be replaced that’ll also be charged. Think about a price tag of between 350 and 680 dollars. In the case of a major repair, it is always advisable to ask the specialist for an estimate of the costs in advance. This is the only way to determine if it’s worthwhile to have the air conditioning system repaired or if it would be more sensible to have a completely new system in your home.

The price structure of repair costs to your air conditioner

If you wish to have your air conditioning repaired, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the exact price structure. When we look at this in detail, we can conclude that 45 percent of the costs consist of the material that may need to be replaced, 30 percent is taken up by the hourly wage and the remaining 25 percent is needed to cover the call-out costs.

Choices affecting the price of the repair

The costs charged for the repair of your air conditioning are always based on two choices you make. We also like to list these choices for you:

Choice 1: Maintenance contract or not?

The first choice that will have a direct impact on the amount of the repair cost of your air conditioning relates to whether or not a maintenance contract has been concluded. In this case, certain repairs are included in the cost price of the contract. It is advisable to check this beforehand. Do you already have an air conditioner that works well, but do you want to avoid being confronted with high repair costs in the foreseeable future? In that case, the getting a maintenance contract can be an excellent choice. For such a maintenance contract, a cost of between 110 and 160 dollars per year should be taken into account. See also: air conditioning prices.

Choice 2: Fixed price or price per hour?

The costs are also determined by the fact whether you agree on a price per hour or per project. The price per hour charged by a specialist is around 55 dollars. In terms of call-out costs, you can assume an average cost of about 1 dollars per mile. Would you prefer the specialist to agree on a complete cost price with you in advance? This is possible, but then you will have to provide a clear picture of exactly what the repair includes. This is the only way to prevent you from having to deal with an unpleasant financial surprise afterwards.

How to save on air conditioning repair costs?

Are you a little shocked by the repair costs that can be charged for an A/C? Fortunately, it is possible to save on the cost price in various ways. Why, for example, would you pay a lot of money for call-out costs when you can perfectly rely on the services of a local specialist? Air conditioning specialists are usually capable of maintaining the boiler in your home as well. This way you can kill two birds with one stone with a very cheap price as an added bonus!