Solar panels on dormer windows costs

If you are planning to purchase solar panels, you can choose to have them installed on your dormer window. They are often less visible there, allowing you to preserve the appearance of your home. Dormers with a sloping roof are perfect, but dormers with a flat roof can also be used if they are strong enough to bear the weight. The best option you have is to combine the installation of a new dormer with solar panels.

The costs

The costs of installing solar panels on up dormer windows are mainly related to the dimensions of the chapel. It is probably impossible to generate all the energy you use annually with this surface, but every solar panel you install is profitable. Its efficiency depends on a number of factors. The orientation of the roof, the size of the dormer and the situation around the house for example. The following table shows the cost of solar panels per square meter, including their efficiency. The solar panels in this table have a standard size of 65 x 39 inch. The prices are for the purchase and installation of the panels.

ft2 (x1.65) Annual yield in kWh Amount of Wp Number of solar panels Average price
18 ft2 212.5 kWh 250 1 $520
53 ft2 637.5 kWh 750 3 $1470
107 ft2 1275 kWh 1500 6 $2755
213 ft2 2550 kWh 3000 12 $5400

A small dormer window with a flat roof: A small dormer window with a flat roof is probable the cheapest. You can install several solar panels here without any problems if the dormer is strong enough to support them. They take up more space on a flat roof; you can charge 27 square feet per solar panel.

A new dormer with solar panels: the easiest way is to buy your dormer with integrated solar panels. These are installed in the factory and are fully custom-made. This will give you the best return, because they can cover the entire roof surface and be made to measure. This option only applies if you were already planning to purchase a dormer window.

Covering the dormer and roof with solar panels: do you want to generate all the energy your household uses every year? Covering just the dormer roof won’t likely be enough. You can combine the solar panels on your dormer with solar panels on the roof. A household of 2 people can use 269 square feet of solar panels to fully generate the annual energy consumption. This will cost you about $8720.

The price structure

The majority of the costs of installing solar panels on your dormer window are material costs. Labor costs are relatively low, as this is a job that can be done quickly. Because it probably doesn’t involve a large number of solar panels, you can expect 22 percent labor costs and 78 percent material costs. And since the share of materials in the total price is so high, you can realize the most savings from this. Make sure you have looked at all the options in terms of types of solar panels and suppliers. By knowing the current range of solar panels, you’re likely to find a good deal that’s suited to your situation. The following diagram shows the relationship between labor costs and materials.

Choices that influence the price

The total price you will eventually pay depends on a number of factors and choices you make. Sometimes you have influence on this and sometimes you don’t. The main contributors are listed here.

The orientation and the type of roof

Solar panels can be installed on both pitched and flat roofs, as long as the roof isn’t facing north. A south-facing roof is the most efficient. If you have a dormer window with a flat roof, you should expect 27 square foot per solar panel. You can place fewer solar panels on a flat roof than on a sloping roof. It’s also very important that the dormer window is strong enough, especially if the roof is flat. The solar panels are inclined and must be weighted to prevent them from getting blown off the roof.

The situation around the house

If there are trees around the house that cause shade, or other buildings or objects that cause the dormer window to be in the shade, then it might be wise to choose a different location for the panels on the roof. The price for solar panels that don’t have the maximum yield will be too high.

The type of solar panel

There are several types of solar panels to choose from. Each has a different price and efficiency. The most expensive, monocrystalline panels have the highest efficiency and therefore take up less space on the roof. Monocrystalline solar panels are the best way to achieve the best return on a limited surface area if you have a small dormer window.

Interesting savings tips

The price of solar panels is lower than ever. Solar panels are also increasingly popular, and the price seems to be stable. However, it’s still a considerable investment to buy solar panels. Here is how you can save money on this purchase.

Quantity discount: you can ask your neighbors if they are also interested in installing solar panels. By combining the job, you can negotiate a better price.

Compare quotes

Interested in solar panels? Use our non-binding comparison tool and you’ll quickly and easily receive a number of quotations from companies in your region. These quotes do not oblige you to purchase, but they can help you with the planning of your new solar panels. Sometimes you can save up to 30 percent on the total price.