Costs of alarm systems

Everyone wants to live in a safe house, with quiet, undisturbed living comfort. Unwanted visitors are of course not included. Nevertheless, burglary attacks seem to be committed all around you. Even if you may think that this will not happen to you, it is probable that you live in a risky neighborhood. After all, burglars are constantly shifting their work area. A great way of protecting your property is by installing an alarm system. We have figured out how much it could cost you.

Is an alarm system an expensive purchase?

An alarm system sounds like an awfully expensive purchase, but that really depends on the decisions you make. You can buy an alarm system for as little as $313, although prices can go up to $1118. That sounds like a considerable sum, but it can be worth it!

How much does an alarm system cost?

We have checked the cost of an alarm system for you. We only looked at the cost of the installation itself, not the additional costs.

What type of alarm system would you like to buy? What are the costs for the alarm system?
Wireless; simple version $170-$420€
Wireless; luxury version $475-$950
Wired; simple version $180-$300
Wired; luxury version $420-$550


If you are moving into a new, unfurnished house and want to install an alarm system, it is best to choose an installation that works with cables. This is the most solid system. Wired installations suffer the least from interference.

If you want to install an alarm system in your fully furnished house, then you can go for the wireless or infrared installations. However, you should test this installation well in advance to ensure that the area is working properly.

What types of alarm systems are available?

You can have an “Indicator light” attached to windows and doors. This “indicator light” gives an alarm when the door is opened. It is not actually an alarm, but you will be alerted when someone enters your home.

You can have your apartment equipped with a camera in one or more places. This camera will alert you to movements in your apartment when you are not there. This method is average in terms of effectiveness. You will know that there is movement in your apartment, but there will be nothing else you can do. You can choose the more luxurious option where an alarm tone will sound in your apartment when someone enters in your absence.

You can opt for security with door detectors, one or more cameras, as well as an alarm center subscription. For this, you will need to use the services of a security company.

How are the costs for an alarm system determined?

The cost of an alarm system depends on the decisions you make at the time of purchase. We have listed these options for you.

Option 1: Do you prefer a wireless or wired system? In principle, installing a wireless system is cheaper, but it is also quite susceptible to interference. If you want a more reliable system that always has range, opt for a wired system.

Option 2: How extensive should your alarm system be? You can opt for a simple detector or an “indicator light” on your windows and doors. These are the places where an intruder normally enters your house. You will be immediately informed by an alarm signal if someone enters your home through a door or window. This is relatively cheap.

Option 3: Do you want a camera system? You can have an alarm system equipped with cameras. These cameras can be connected to your own mobile phone, such that you can see what is happening in your house from a distance. You can also buy a camera system that sends a signal to the control center. They will intervene if there is a danger in your house.

Option 4: Do you want an alarm center subscription? In this case, a signal is immediately sent to the control center in the event of a malfunction. You can expect a total cost of between $300 and $800 per year, depending on what services are offered to you at this price.

Option 5: Would you like to have an alarm system installed? You can also have the alarm system installed after you have purchased it. This can be done by a professional security company. This installation might cost you between $120 and $250, but then you can be sure that your system will work as expected.

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