Costs for cavity wall insulation

Insulating the cavity walls of your house can prevent a large part of heat loss. Do you plan on doing this as well, but would first want to get a good overview of the average cost for such work? We have listed, for you, the average costs for the insulation of cavity walls.

How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

Cavity wall insulation cannot be installed without first selecting from the various materials available on the market. In general, and compared to many other forms of insulation, we can safely say that cavity wall insulation is a significantly inexpensive form of insulation. We have listed for you the average cost of cavity wall insulation per house type using the following table.

Type of house Glass wool Rock wool Insulation granules PUR-Foam
Apartment $225-$330 $285-$390 $310-$415 $530-$640
Row house $545-$690 $590-$745 $640-$795 $950-$1300
Corner house $710-$875 $770-$925 $795-$950 $1170-$1480
Semi-detached house (Villa) $815-$1065 $875-$1065 $950-$1300 $1715-$2010
Free standing house $1215-$1360 $1300-$1480 $1480-$1720 $2485-$2780


The price structure for cavity wall insulation

The price structure for cavity wall insulation

If we take a closer look at the price structure for cavity wall insulation, we can see that labor costs constitute by far the highest percentage, 65 percent. 30 percent of the costs are reserved for the material used, and the remaining 5 percent are for the cost of using a machine to insulate.

The fact that the labor costs for installing cavity wall insulation are so high may seem like a thorn in the side of many people at first glance, but it also has a not inconsiderable advantage. After all, it is much easier to save on labor costs than, for example, on the purchase price for the insulation material. So just by comparing prices between different companies that can install cavity wall insulation, attractive savings can be achieved when installing cavity wall insulation.

Decisions that affect the cost price for cavity wall insulation

If you would like to have cavity wall insulation installed in your house, there are various options that can significantly affect the cost price. We have listed these different possibilities in detail for you:

Option 1: Cavity wall or not?

The first choice is not really a real choice, but it is extremely important. You must ask yourself if your house has a cavity wall or not. Houses built before 1920 usually do not have a cavity wall. Houses built after 1988 do have a cavity wall, but it is often already insulated. If your house does not have a cavity wall, you do not have to despair immediately. After all, even in this case it is still possible to insulate your facade. However, applying real wall insulation is much more expensive. The cost price is usually around $8600.

Option 2: The type of insulation material

As you have already read, you can choose from various options when it comes to cavity wall insulation. Each insulation type has its own advantages. Rock wool and glass wool, for example, are more fire-resistant and have a better sound-absorbing effect than other insulation materials. The most important advantage of insulation grains is that they are perfectly suited for use on dissimilar facades and have a significantly durable character.

Option 3: Combination of different forms of insulation

Of course, a house does not only consist of a hollow wall that has to be insulated. Different parts of a house that are not insulated can therefore be responsible for considerable heat loss (see also: U-value). If you want to do something about this, it is always interesting to insulate the different parts of your house in one go. Although this may signify that you will need to pay a lot of money all at once, you will find that it always turns out to be the best investment in the long run. If you have different parts of your house insulated at the same time, the total price will be considerably reduced.

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