Moving costs

Have you become the owner of a new house? In this case you will want to move in as soon as possible! However, a move involves a lot of things. Not only will you have to cancel or sell the rent of your current home, but you will also have to consider the necessary insurance, as well as gas, water, and electricity connections. Also, the transmission address changes tend to be overlooked by many people.

In general, we can thus say that a move consists of two parts. The old house must be abandoned while the new house needs to be occupied. You have the choice of either taking the move completely into your own hands or (partially) outsourcing it to a professional moving company. Your choice in this area largely determines the cost of your move.

How much does it cost to outsource the move?

Do you have the feeling that taking the move into your own hands is too much to ask? Do you want to be certain that the removal of your household goods is carried out by an experienced and professional party so that the greatest possible care is taken? In this case, you should choose a professional moving partner! Here is a brief overview of the possible costs and features:

Option Number of movers Removal services Cost
As cheap as possible 1 remover None $355-$710
Additional help 2 movers Packer $770-$1065
Big house 4 movers Packer + craftsmen $1400-$1900


* The above prices are based on a furniture and removal van of 50 cubic meters.

How exactly does the price structure for a move look like?

The cost for relocation consists of three different parts. We differentiate between the costs for loading and the costs for unloading, as well as the actual transport. The transport usually constitutes the highest costs. These usually consist of about 45 percent. The remaining costs are divided equally between loading and unloading, which is 27.5 percent each.

What decisions influence the transportation costs?

The exact price charged for the move depends on a few decisions, including

Option 1: The moving van

The size of your household goods will have the greatest impact on the cost of your move. After all, extensive household goods require the use of a larger moving van. In addition, several movers will probably be needed to keep your move on the right track. A moving van with a capacity of 20 cubic meters can be used for moving household goods from two- or three-room apartments. However, do you have a single-family home or a Duplex? Then a moving van with a capacity of 50 cubic meters will be necessary.

House type / moving van / costs

Two or three-room apartment / moving van 20 cubic meters + 1 moving van / $65-$70 per hour

Single family home / moving van 50 cubic meters + 1 moving van / $75-$85 per hour

Option 2: Additional movers

Of course, you have the possibility to hire additional moving aids at any time during a move. By hiring additional movers, the move becomes much easier for you. Hiring additional moving aids does not always mean a high surcharge, on the contrary. Since they can work more efficiently, the final cost may even be lower than expected. For hiring an additional mover, you need to calculate an hourly rate between $32 and $35.

Option 3: Mileage allowance

The third choice is also particularly important. A moving company will always charge a mileage allowance. For this purpose, they will start counting from the original location of the removal van, so it is always a good idea to choose a local company. Many regional moving companies choose not to charge a mileage allowance for the first 20 kilometers. If you have chosen to use the services of a regional company, this applies to the first 50 or 100 kilometers. Moving companies usually charge a flat rate per kilometer between $0.50 and $1.5 per kilometer.

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