Terrace construction costs

Your own garden is a great thing to have. In summer you want to enjoy it as much as possible. If you have just moved into a house that has been occupied by residents before, it is quite likely that the garden is not your cup of tea. A new home is a completely different beast. In that case, you’ll get a piece of undeveloped land where you can construct your garden. For many people, a terrace is almost an obligatory part of their garden. We’ve looked at the price of constructing a terrace for you.

A sunken garden that requires a lot of maintenance

Some gardens have quite a nice paving, but due to the intensive use there is a lot of overdue maintenance. In these cases you can choose to keep the tiles and raise the garden. You can have the terrace refitted with the existing tiles. This is the cheapest option if you want to refurbish your garden.

Undeveloped land that will get a terrace. There are many gardens in new housing estates that are delivered with vacant plots at the back. It’s up to you to make something out of it. In that case, you will need to have the land excavated first, after which it will be covered with fill sand. Then the paving is laid. After that, joint sand will be added and the terrace compacted. What you do with the rest of your garden is up to you, but your terrace is ready to be used.

How much does it cost to lay a terrace?

Which service do you buy How many units do you buy What is the price for a terrace of 323 square foot of 54 by 65 foot?
Clearing and excavating the place where the terrace is going to be 323 square foot 125 dollars
Removal and processing of soil from the excavation 65 square foot 285 dollars
Ground level and compact so that a terrace can be constructed 323 square foot 90 dollars
Laying a load-bearing layer for the terrace, laying edges and tiles 323 square foot 460 dollars
Finishing the joints with joint sand and compacting your terrace 323 square foot 125 dollars
Labor costs subtotal   1080 dollars
Sand for construction of terrace Big bag 80 dollars
Standard terrace tiles in 12 by 12 inch 323 square foot 245 dollars
Other material costs 40 dollars
Total material costs 323 square foot 365 dollars
Total terrace construction costs 323 square foot 1485 dollars


  • Choice 1: How big is your terrace? In the price example, we assumed a generous terrace of 323 square foot. Your garden might be smaller and you might need a smaller terrace. The costs will decrease, but not proportionally. The reason for this is that the gardener or road builder will always charge a call-out fee for his transport and the supply of the equipment.
  • Choice 2: Which stones do you want on your terrace? In the price example, we assumed standard 12 by 12 inch concrete paving stones. You might want to use different ones. You can opt for fashionable large tiles in a dark color, or for small romantic cobblestones. This is not only more expensive on the material side, but the road builder will have more work to do in laying them properly as well. A large tile does isn’t always easy to lay.
  • Choice 3: Do you want extra options incorporated in your terrace. You can have a neutral terrace installed, but you can also choose to have spotlights installed in the ground. These ground pots must be placed during the laying process, which means extra work for the road builder. They’ll have to work more hours, but the result will be radiant.

Practical savings tips

You can easily save on the construction of your terrace by these savings tips.

Choose a local road builder. By choosing a street builder from your own area, you can avoid a high amount of call-out costs on the invoice.

Requesting quotations

Requesting quotations is the quickest way to save on having a terrace constructed. With just one click below, you will receive a number of quotations that you can take advantage of without any obligation. You can save up to 30 percent.