Insulation costs

Installing insulation in your home has several interesting advantages. First of all, a well-insulated house provides a pleasant, warm feeling. But that’s not all. A well-insulated house can also nip in the bud the heat loss, as you’ll notice from the energy bill at the end of the year. Are these the two good reasons why you are also thinking about installing (new) insulation in your home? But you’d like some more information first, or you’d want to get a good idea of the cost price for insulation? We’re happy to explain you everything you need to know about insulation and the associated costs.

How much does insulation cost?

Are you tired of having to deal with an annoying cold every day in your home that just can’t be solved? Do you really want to take action against this by insulating your house? In that case, there are different types of insulation that you can use. We’ve listed some of the most popular types of insulation for you, including their average cost, in the table below.

Type of insulation Average cost
Cavity wall insulation (700 square feet) Between 1.150 & 1.580 dollars
Floor insulation (538 square feet) Between 1.470 & 2.130 dollars
Roof insulation (645 square feet) Between 2.450 & 3.430 dollars
Facade insulation prices (700 square feet) Between 6.490 & 9.800 dollars


Interesting as these costs may be, they don’t provide a full picture of the work you want to do. That’s why we’ve come up with some concrete practical situations for you:

Cheapest solution. The cheapest solution is for people who live in a terraced house. Those who have a terraced house and would like to save on heating costs, but aren’t eager to make a large investment, can choose to use cavity wall insulation. Such insulation costs about 1,150 dollars for a terraced house and can significantly reduce heat loss.

Most efficient solution. You not only want considerable savings on heating costs, but also want to increase living comfort? In that case roof insulation is an excellent choice. Of all the forms of insulation, it’s the most efficient way to save on energy bills. Selecting to install roof insulation in your home is opting for a slightly larger investment compared to cavity wall insulation, but this can still be realized for about 2,450 dollars.

Full insulation of the house. Do you want to insulate your entire house to ensure not only the best possible indoor climate, but also the most optimal savings on energy consumption? In that case, it’ll cost you about 10,900 dollars. This price can, of course, increase depending on the size of your house.

The price structure of insulation

If we look at the price structure of insulation in detail, we see that it consists of three parts. Labor costs are always the biggest cost when installing insulation. This is about 60 percent of the total price tag. 30 percent of the costs are reserved for the insulation material and the last 10 percent goes to equipment costs. This last cost is only taken into account for a certain number of insulation forms, and doesn’t always apply.

Choices that determine the cost price of insulation

There are several choices that can influence the final cost of insulation related activities. We’ve listed these choices for you:

Choice 1: The location of the insulation

The place where you have insulation installed in your home is a important factor in determining the price tag. If, for example, you opt for facade insulation, then you should keep in mind that there are various types of facade insulation. It’s possible to insulate your facade from the outside, but you can also install cavity wall insulation. The latter option is always the most interesting financially. There is also a considerable difference in price between floor and roof insulation. You should also take this into account.

Choice 2: The type of insulation material

Whatever form of insulation you ultimately choose, you should always bear in mind that different types of materials can be used for each form of insulation. Although the price difference between the various insulation materials is not that big, it can still have a considerable impact on the cost price. The difference in insulation per 11 square foot can be as much as 20 dollars. This may not seem so impressive at first glance, but you’ll notice that this can make a big difference if you have a house with a significant surface area.

Choice 3: Combine insulation

Do you want to insulate not just one part, but several places in your home? Then it may be interesting to combine this insulation. By having insulation installed in different parts of your house at the same time, the cost price for the entire project can be reduced considerably. This is much more interesting than insulation different parts at different times.

Choice 4: Possible extras

In addition to the above obvious choices, there are also several extras that you should take into account when (better) insulating your house. Many people choose to have their house optimally insulated, but forget that there is also a certain amount of ventilation to be provided. The installation of one or more ventilation grids is therefore always recommended. A ventilation grille can be purchased for a price from 16 to 20 dollars. How many ventilation grids you will eventually have to install depends on, among other things, the size of the house and the extent to which it is exactly insulated.