Spack spraying costs

Are you looking for the cheapest way to finish your walls or ceilings? Going for the so-called spack spray might be an interesting choice. An additional advantage is that this plaster can be applied in all possible colors. We will list the costs that you need to take into account below.

We will be happy to list the costs that you need to take into account in this case.

How much does spack spraying cost?

The fact that spack spraying is applied mechanically, makes it very cheap. Table below, shows you what the average costs are.

Service Average price per square foot

(including materials and labor costs)

Spack spraying white Between 3 & 6 dollar
Spack spraying color Between 5 & 9 dollars

Affordable option: Would you like to have spack spraying applied as cheaply as possible? In that case it is interesting to simply have the wall painted in the standard color (white). Besides, you may also do some preparatory work yourself, such as taping the floor. If you want to apply spack spraying in a room of 323 square foot, this will have a price tag of about 190 dollars.

Medium option: Would you like any other color other than white? In that case you can choose to have spack sprayed in color. Take a surcharge of between 1 and 2 dollars per 11 square foot for the plasterer into account. If you would like 538 square foot spack sprayed this’ll be about 425 dollars.

Most luxurious option: Do you want the most qualitative solution? Then opt for spack spraying in color. Also leave the masking and demasking to a plasterer. Spraying in a living room with an area of 538 square foot will cost you about 535 dollars.

Choices influencing the price of spack spraying

Because there are different choices that can be made with regard to spack spraying, it goes without saying that the price is highly dependent on your personal preference. We would like to give you an overview of the most important choices that can influence the price of your project.

Choice 1: which color should your wall have?

By default, spack spraying is always done in white, but as mentioned earlier on this page, you always have the possibility to choose a different color. If you wish to use a different color, we always recommend that you do so immediately. This allows the color to bland in perfectly. This ensures that possible damage to the wall will be less noticeable. Most plasterers will charge a surcharge of between 1 and 2 dollars per 11 square foot for spack spraying. The average price of colored spack spraying is usually between 7 and 11 dollars 11 square foot.

Choice 2: Doing your own plastering or have it done?

After determining the color of the spack spraying, you may want to think about who will apply the plaster. Are you going to do this yourself or will you outsource these works to an experienced plasterer? Applying spack spraying yourself may not seem that difficult at first sight, but it requires some experience as well as the necessary material. Spack spraying is done mechanically and for that you need a sprayer, a compressor, hoses and a spray gun. Do you want to have it done properly and with professional materials? Then you should hire an experienced plasterer.

Choice 3: Self masking and demasking or outsourcing?

Would you like to outsource the spack spraying work, but would you still like to assist in order to reduce the costs? In that case it may be interesting to do the masking and demasking yourself. Masking is another name for covering the floor as well as other things that need to be protected against spack spraying. Demasking should be done after the work has been done. This involves cleaning up and disposing of the waste. Will you have an experienced plasterer do the masking and demasking? That’ll cost about 7 and 9 dollars 11 square foot. Do you want to do the spack spraying yourself? Then the price is between 5 and 7 dollars 11 square foot.

Choice 4: Extra options

There are several extra options that you think about when having spack spraying applied. However, these options will not always be necessary. We will gladly list them for you:

Opton Average price When to apply this option?
Having a thin layer applied under the spack Between 9 & 16 dollar per 11 square foot Does your wall have unevenness and holes? In that case, it is always a good idea to first apply a thin layer of plaster. This layer ensures that the wall is evenly levelled before the spack spraying work is applied.
Starting rate Between 240 & 265 dollar per 11 square foot When the spack spraying has to be carried out on small surfaces, the plasterer usually uses a starting rate. In the majority of cases, this rate is charged for areas smaller than 323 square foot. Please note that the listed price does not include the material used.

Are you going to have spack spraying carried out in your home and would you like to do so at the lowest possible cost price? In that case, it is always worth taking into account the following saving tips.

Do the preparatory work yourself. As indicated earlier on this page, it is always a good idea to carry out the preparatory work yourself. Putting the furniture aside can be done by anyone and taping the floor, as well as other parts of the room shouldn’t be a problem either. These are small things, but they all add up in the end.

Have all the plaster work done in one go. Is the surface area you want to have plastered small? Then it might be interesting to combine several areas. This ensures the price per 11 square foot can be significantly reduced, resulting in a nice financial advantage for you.

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