Painting window frames costs

Are you planning to hire a professional painter to paint the window frames of your house? But you don’t have any idea what the exact price is for having this kind of work done? No problem! We’ve made an overview with not only the possibilities, but also with all average costs. This gives you a good idea of the budget you need to reserve!

How much does it cost to have window frames painted?

The cost price for painting window frames strongly depends on the hourly rate charged by the painter. Obviously, there are other factors that influence the cost you will have to pay, but the hourly rate is invariably the biggest cost.

Hourly rate for painting work incl. paint, material Average cost price for painting window frames. Starting from 75 square foot up to all outside frames of 1 house.
Between 25 and 40 dollars per hour Between 350 and 1,500 dollars

The above gives you a good idea of the costs when having the window frames painted in your home. For added convenience, we also created three specific price examples:

Small paintwork: If you’d like to hire a painter to paint 3 window frames in your house, you should expect to pay about 760 dollars. This price includes both the paint and the material.

Regular paintwork: Many people choose to combine different paintjobs. A well-known example in this situation is the painting of for example 5 window frames in combination with 2 doors and doorposts. This will cost you about 870 dollars. Again, both the paint and the material are included in the price.

Large paintwork: Would you like all the window frames on the outside of your house to be painted? Think about a price tag of about 1.35 dollars, including paint and the used material.

Which choices influence the price of window frame painting?

The price tag for painting window frames in your home depends on different choices. We’d like to list the most important choices below:

Choice 1: The painter

As mentioned before, the price for having your window frames painted can vary greatly. The painter’s hourly rate is the main reason for this. Hiring a painter usually implies an hourly rate of between 30 and 50 dollars per hour. Because there are many variants for painting window frames, the painter almost always uses an hourly rate. When the window frames have to be painted on the outside of the house, it’s always important to take check if scaffolding is included in the price. If not, it’ll be charged separately.


Choice 2: The paint

Wooden window frames require quality painting. It protects the wood from moisture. Painting wooden frames will ensure that they’ll last considerably longer. No need to paint if you have aluminium or plastic frames. When painting make sure to always use primer first. This ensures the paint adheres to the material. On the basis of the prices below, you’ll get a good idea of what you need to spend on paint alone.

Type of paint Price per ¼ gallon 13 square foot per gallon Particulars
Primer Between 20 & 40 dollars Between 75 & 140 Under layer
Stain and laquer Between 20 & 50 dollars Between 97 & 161 Protective layer
Opaque paint Tussen 20 & 50 dollars Between 43 & 161 Paint for indoor and outdoor use


The widely differing value of opaque paint is caused by the fact that the paint can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you use them outside the house, then you need a lot more paint.

Choice 3: Combining painting jobs

If there are several things in and around your house which needs painting, it might be a good idea to combine the various painting activities. You can significantly reduce the costs by having several works carried out together.

Surface Average cost price, incl. labor, material
Staircase Between 300 & 645 dollars Depending if it should be whitened only once or whether it should also be sanded, cleaned and painted.
Dormer Between 380 & 800 dollars If only the side panels must be painted or the sidebar or the entire dormer window, frames and windows as well.
Ceiling Between 215 & 1,300 dollars from 323 to 484 square foot including the full kitchen (kitchen cupboards)
Doors Between 250 & 1,700 dollars 2 to 40 doors, with or without doorposts


Does the exterior painting of your home need to be completely overhauled? In such a case, you can take into account the following guide prices (average):

Type of home Average costs for outdoor painting based on labor costs, paint and material costs
Apartment Between 815 & 900 dollars
Townhouse Between 1,200 & 1,400 dollars
Corner house (or 2 under 1 roof) Between 2,500 & 2,670 dollars
Detached house Starting from5,100 dollars


Interesting savings tips:

Are you interested in having your window frames and maybe even other parts of your house painted by a real professional? Make sure to check the following saving tips, ensuring the price tag of the painting is kept as low as possible.

  • Performing preparatory work yourself. It’s important to take as much work as possible out of your painter’s hands. You may want to clean and sand the window frames yourself. Repairing any blemishes is also a good idea, as is taping the edges. This ensures that your painter needs considerably less time to carry out the work and that results in
  • A maintenance subscription. As mentioned before, it’s important to ensure that the paintwork on wooden window frames is always in proper condition. By taking out a maintenance subscription for a period of 5, 10 or 15 years you ensure that once every 5 to 8 years your window frames will get some new paint. This leaves your windows look good with optimal protection against moisture. By taking out a maintenance subscription you will save about 20 percent on costs.

Biggest savings: compare quotations

It’s wise to compare several quotations from different painters. This ensures that you won’t pay more than you need to. Luckily you can use our website to request and compare up to 6 local quotes at once, free of charge and without obligation. Click on the button below, fill in your details and receive the quotations in your mailbox. Start comparing and save up to 30% on costs!