Costs for graffiti removal

Nothing is more annoying than a facade covered with graffiti. Removing this graffiti will make your house look like new again, and this new appearance will greatly increase its sales value. Let us look at the costs.

How much does the removal of graffiti cost?

Even if it does not look like it at first glance, removing graffiti is a pretty tricky business. There are three different ways to achieve this. Steam cleaning is an option, or a cleaning agent can be used, or the facade can be sandblasted. The technique which is ultimately chosen heavily depends on the substrate, and the type of paint used. Overall, however, you should consider the cost of removing graffiti to be somewhere between $14-$20 per square meter. To get a good idea of the exact cost you need to consider, we have listed the three options for you:

Type of cleaning Costs
Steam cleaner $140-$235
Sandblasting + anti-graffiti coating $300-$520
Sandblasting + grouting + anti-graffiti coating $520-$900


What exactly is the price structure for graffiti removal?

If you want graffiti removal, please note that the final invoice consists of three different parts. First there are the labor costs. These are the largest and account for about 60 percent of the total costs. If an abrasive is used, it makes up about 20 percent of the cost. The remaining 20 percent is then accounted for by the blasting machine to be used.

What decisions influence the cost of graffiti removal?

Option 1: Type of paint

The type of paint used largely determines the technique used to remove the graffiti. For example, there are colors that are quite easy to remove, while others are more difficult to remove. In any case, preference is always given to a technique that causes as little damage to the façade as possible. Therefore, always give a specialist the opportunity to study a photo of the graffiti before making the offer.

Option 2: The substrate

It is not only the type of color that determines the price tag, but also the substrate. The type of substrate determines the cleaning technique that should be used. For example, is your facade made of relatively soft bricks that cannot withstand high pressure? In this case, certain cleaning methods can cause damage.

Option 3: Cleaning method

As already mentioned, there are various cleaning methods available today. The final cost of graffiti removal is largely determined based on the method to be used.

Steam cleaning: The first option is the removal of graffiti by steam cleaning. In this situation water is heated to a temperature of 150 degrees. Under high pressure, steam is sprayed against the facade so that the graffiti on which it is applied dissolves by itself. For steam cleaning of your façade, you should calculate an average price between $8 and $17 per square meter.

Dry cleaning: For dry cleaning, you can use a brush to apply both a chemical and a biological agent to your façade. The application of this agent causes a chemical reaction that dissolves the dirt. After the agent has been applied to the façade, it is cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner and water. If necessary, steam can also be used to remove the remaining loose dirt as well as possible residues of the cleaning agent. Dry cleaning costs about $9-$20 per square meter.

Sandblasting: Here, a blasting agent is sprayed under high pressure against the façade. The type of abrasive used can vary greatly. Such an abrasive can also be so soft, thus reducing the probability of possible damage to an absolute minimum. Sandblasting your facade will cost you about $14-$20 per square meter.

Option 4: Anti-graffiti coating

Finally, you can ensure that any future graffiti on your facade can be removed very easily by choosing to impregnate your wall. The impregnation is a semi-permanent or permanent anti-graffiti coating. For the application of an anti-graffiti coating you should consider a price between $13 and $23 per square meter.

The biggest saving Tip

Most people cannot remove graffiti themselves due to lack of time and/or lack of the right materials and experience. In this case it is advisable to consult a facade cleaning company. But how can you find an affordable facade cleaning company? Through our website you can easily compare up to 6 offers from local facade cleaning companies. This way you can be sure that you are not paying the maximum price.