Garden lighting costs

Your own garden is a precious asset. As a homeowner, you’d want to spend as much time in it as possible. How much time exactly, depends on how much light there is in your garden. Many people use garden lighting to extend the time they are able to stay in the garden. Many people consider garden lighting to be a luxury, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve looked at how much it costs to install garden lighting (or have it installed). We’ve looked at some systems that are commonly used.

Garden lighting on the electricity grid

Many people choose to connect their garden lighting to the electricity grid. This is the most reliable method to provide your garden with lighting. Especially ground lighting can be easily connected in this way. The wiring is buried in your garden, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It is important that you know where the pipes run because otherwise you could damage the wiring if you start digging.

Garden lighting on solar energy

An increasingly popular method for illuminating your garden is solar-powered garden lighting. In this system you use garden lighting that uses its own solar cell. This is a very small solar panel that is attached to the lamp. You can also buy a system where a cord light is used that is controlled by a solar panel. This solar panel is larger and you can point it at the sun.

How much does it cost to install garden lighting?

We’ve looked at how much it’ll cost when you install garden lighting, but also at how much it’ll cost to have the garden lighting installed.

Which product do you buy Per which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit?
Garden lighting electric Led lighting with spotlights Per set of 3 Between 65 and 90 dollars
Electric garden lighting with bulb lighting on cable Per cable with 10 bulbs Between 24 and 35 dollar
Garden lighting with sensor Per piece Between 16 and 40 dollar
Garden lighting with solar panel decorative Per piece Between 1,65 and 20 dollar per piece
Garden lighting with solar panel and light chain Per 33 foot cable Between 18 and 27 dollars

If you’re handy. If you know your way around gardening, then you should have no problem to connect your own garden lighting. You can use your indoor power outlet and run the wiring through a hole in the wall. You can also use a power point in your garden if one’s available.

If you prefer to outsource the work. If working with electricity is not your thing, it’s better to hand over the job in the case of fixed garden lighting. You hire a company to do this for you, and have your light installed professionally. The cost of this is about 45 dollars per hour.

How is the price of garden lighting installation composed

Buying garden lighting is a relatively small purchase. We have listed for you what the choices are that determine the cost of garden lighting.

  • Choice 1: How big is your garden? The most obvious factor to consider. A small garden of 108 square foot can be illuminated with one or two spots. A large garden of 1076 square foot will need to be illuminated much more extensively. On average, you need one garden spotlight per 54 square foot if you want to illuminate a garden in an attractive way. If you buy too much, your garden will be too light. If you buy too little, there won’t be enough light to go around.
  • Choice 2: What kind of lighting do you buy? Garden lighting connected to the electricity grid is the most expensive thing to buy. Connecting is a job that requires some understanding of electricity as well. But on the other hand you can be sure that this garden lighting will always work. An additional great advantage is that you can connect a timer to it so that it’ll illuminate your garden during the night.
  • Choice 3: Buy garden lighting with a solar cell. Solar garden lighting is the cheapest option. The big advantage is that you do not have to connect them to the electricity grid. Of course there are also disadvantages to this system. If it has been a very drizzly day outside, you might not have any lighting in the evening. besides, the solar cell should always get enough light. A garden light that is under a bush or tree won’t work that well.
  • Choice 4: Do you buy garden lighting as an alarm system. You can also buy garden lighting with a sensor. This is a garden light that detects movement and is therefore part of a security system. For it to work reliably, you need to have this garden lighting connected to your electricity grid.
  • Choice 5: Do you buy garden lighting with a timer. Garden lighting with a timer is another tried and tested system to give the impression that your house is inhabited during your absence. You can only connect this system to an electric garden light. You can opt for a fixed lighting time or an interval system. You can buy a time switch for an amount between 4 and 45 dollars each.

Practical savings tips

In case of a job company; make a job list. If you have a garden lighting company coming in to install your garden lighting, make a list of several jobs. A job company will finish the installation of garden lighting fairly quickly. All the work that is still done can often be completed within 1.5 hours.

Requesting quotations

You can easily save on your garden lighting by requesting quotations. With one click on the button below you’ll receive several quotations from suppliers of garden lighting and job companies in your area that you can compare. Comparing these may save you up to 30 percent.