Wooden fencing costs

Would you like to have wooden fencing placed, but want to know more about prices first? You can! To create a beautiful look in your garden, you should consider the following prices.

How much does wooden fencing cost?

Do you want a wooden fence in your garden and would you like to get a crystal clear picture of the prices that come with it? You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to realizing wooden fencing. The biggest difference in price is typically caused by the type of wood used.

Product Average price
Impregnated wood 11 square foot Between 65 & 140 dollars
Hardwood per 11 square foot Between 140 & 260 dollars
Garden door 39 x 70 inch Between 65 & 370 dollars
Gate 39 x 60 cm Between 210 & 315 dollars
Swing gate 300 x 24 inch Between 315 & 3.710 dollars
Sliding gate 118 x 39 inch Between 2.07 & 5.345 dollars

Cheapest choice. Would you like a wooden fence that doesn’t break the bank, but still has a solid lifespan? In that case you can opt for impregnated wood, with or without a garden door. The fence itself will cost between 65 and 140 dollars 11 square foot. The garden door will cost an additional 65 to 370 dollars.

Better quality. Would you rather use fencing made of stronger wood? That would mean hardwood fence in combination with a swing gate. The costs for this type of fence are between 140 and 2470 dollars per 11 square foot. The swing gate is not cheap. Depending on the size, the type of swing gate and the system, this can range from 300 to as much as 3,700 dollars!

Most luxurious option. Are you looking for a wooden fence that will add value for your home? In that case, you can choose to have hardwood fencing installed in combination with a sliding gate. In this situation, the costs are between 150 and 300 dollars per 11 square foot of fence. For the sliding gate you will have to pay between 2,070 and 5,350 dollars.

Choices that determine the price of wooden fencing

If you are going to install wooden fencing, there are several choices that can influence the price of the woodwork. We’re happy to list these choices for you.

Choice 1: The type of wood

Initially, of course, there is the type of wood. You can choose between two different species, namely:

Impregnated wood: This is softwood that has a relatively low price. The pine or spruce wood is impregnated making it better protected against mold and insects. Impregnated wood is an excellent choice for fencing and has a lifespan of between 15 and 25 years. Buying wooden fences made of impregnated wood, will cost between 65 and 140 dollars 11 square foot.

Hardwood: Hardwood is the strongest type of wood on the market and therefore has an excellent quality. Hardwood doesn’t need to be treated and has an impressive lifespan of at least 25 years. The only downside is that hardwood is much more expensive than impregnated wood. The costs for this type of wood are between 140 and 270 dollars 11 square foot.

Choice 2: The color

Staining: staining: More and more people are not painting their wooden fence, but stain it instead. They like the color of wood. Although most fences made of wood have a kind of reddish-brown color initially, this changes over the years. The wood slowly turns into a greyish color. To protect the wood from turning grey, you can have it stained.

Painting: Would you rather give your wood some color? In that case you can still choose to have it painted. Please note that wooden fencing that has been painted needs to be regularly updated to maintain its optimal appearance.

Choice 3: Possible gates

Garden door: Would you just like to have a simple door in your wooden fence? Then you can choose a garden door! This can be realized from a height of 70 inch and provides you with the necessary extra privacy. This way, outsiders no longer have the possibility to look over or through the fence. Buying a garden door will cost between 65 and 370 dollars.

Gateway: A gateway, just like a garden door, is relatively small, making it only suitable for pedestrians. You can’t pass it by car. Buying a walkway will cost 210 and 315 dollars.

Swing gate: A swing gate is a considerably wider gate that can have one or two doors. These can be opened inwards or outwards. That’s why this type of gate needs some extra space around it. Buying a swing gate will cost between 315 and 3,710 dollars.

Sliding gate: A sliding gate also has a considerable width. You need extra space on the sides because it opens in that direction. The costs for a sliding gate are between 2,070 and 5,340 dollars.

Electric swing gate: This type of gate is usually quite heavy. This weight means it is electrically operated. A swing gate doesn’t only creates a passage for pedestrians, cars can use it too. When the weather is bad you don’t have to get out of the car to open the door as an added benefit. The average cost of an electric swing gate is around 3,270 dollars.

Choice 4: Have the fence installed.

Convenient do-it-yourselfers might choose to install their own fence, but you should be aware that this has to be done very precisely. No one likes his or her wooden fence to be in an uneven position. The following costs must be taken into account when having a specialist install a wooden fence:


Type Average assembly costs
Fence per 33 foot Between 13,65 & 19,10 dollars
Door Between 65 & 135 dollars
Gate Between 65 & 135 dollars
Swing gate Between 95 & 135 dollars
Sliding gate Between 875 & 1.255 dollars
Electric swing gate Between 385 & 655 dollars
Electric sliding gate Between 1.255 & 1.855 dollar

Interesting savings tips:

Are you also going to have wooden fencing installed in your garden, but you’d like any saving you can get? Have a look at these interesting savings tips:

  • Quantity discount. Are you aware that your neighbor is also considering to install wooden fencing? Maybe you could work together and hire the same professional. This allows for a so-called volume discount. The exact amount of the discount depends on the party of your choice, but a saving of 10 percent should be possible.
  • Lend a helping hand yourself. Erecting a fence by yourself is particularly difficult for people with little or no experience. This doesn’t mean that you can’t help the specialist. Try to relieve him of as much work as possible so that he works as effectively as possible.
  • Pick up the material yourself. The material needed to build your wooden fence must be delivered or collected. Try to pick up the material yourself to ensure that no (high) delivery costs are charged. This way you can also save a nice extra amount on the final invoice of your wooden fence.

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