Garden paving costs

It’s very popular to have a garden paved. You can outsource the paving of a garden, but you can also do it yourself. Are you also planning to pave your garden, but would you like to get more information and have a good idea of the average costs involved? Then read on and you’ll learn all about the possibilities of paving your garden as well as the related costs.

How much does paving a garden cost?

Choosing to pave your garden means that you will always have to choose from a wide range of options and materials. Therefore, the cost of materials is very important. After all, you can choose to pave your garden using inexpensive materials, but you can also choose materials that have a much more luxurious look. Whichever of these options you prefer, we’ve listed some materials including their cost price in the table below:

Type of paving Average cost price
Stones Between 20 & 80 dollar per 11 square foot
Gravel/split Between 12 & 14 dollar per 11 square foot
Fill and grout sand Between 13 & 14 dollar per 11 square foot
Curb stones Between 3 & 7 dollar per 3 meter

Do you want to do your own paving or outsource it?

You’ll always have the costs for materials. The same doesn’t apply to the labor costs for a paver. You should always ask yourself if you are able to lay the pavement yourself or not. Please note, at first sight this may seem very obvious and not that difficult, but a lot depends on the laying pattern you choose. Moreover, laying paving demands a lot of physical effort. You need to be able to handle this.

Have you chosen to outsource the paving to a real professional, after reading the above? In that case you’ll find that the paver’s fee can be charged in different ways. You can agree on a fixed cost per hour is charged, but also on a price per square meter. The average costs in both cases are as follows:

Type of fee Average cost
Paver per hour Between 40 & 70 dollar
Paver per square meter Between 13 & 24 dollar

The above costs are pretty different. This has everything to do with the fact that a paver will decide what he’ll charge for a certain project. The fact that not all pavers use the same cost price means that you should always make an objective comparison between different pavers. This will get you the best possible price for the installation of garden paving.

Price structure of garden paving

When we look at the price structure of garden paving, we’ll see that it consists of two parts. The labor cost is always the highest cost that you have to take into account. It accounts for as much as 75 percent of the total cost. The remaining 25 percent is needed to cover the cost of materials. Although it’s not that easy to reduce the material costs, you can save on labor costs. They are the biggest chunk of the total cost price, and thus allow you to make a significant saving.

Choices that determine the price of garden paving

The above costs should give an indication what the prices for paving a garden are. However, there are several choices that can influence these prices considerably (both positively and negatively). We have listed these different choices for you:

Choice 1: The type of material

First of all, there’s the choice of material. Do you choose tiles (which are quite expensive to buy) or do you like other materials that are cheaper? An interesting, possible alternative to tiles is gravel and split.

Gravel: When you want to have your garden paved at the cheapest price, you should always go for gravel. These are small, round pebbles that have been produced by nature and then deposited by rivers. Gravel can be purchased in various colors and costs about 11 to 13 dollar per 11 square foot.

Split: Split and gravel are very similar. The main difference lies in the fact that gravel is produced by nature while split is made by force. Split is broken and sieved with machines. This ensures that split has cracks and also sharper edges compared to gravel. Split cost about 13 to 15 dollar per 11 square foot.

Choice 2: The type of tiles

The second choice, which can also have a significant impact on the total cost, is the type of tile. We listed the different costs of the various tiles:

Type of tile Average cost price
Coupling stones Between 20 & 30 dollar per 11 square foot
Concrete paving Between 20 & 40 dollar per 11 square foot
Flagstones Between 30 & 45 dollar per 11 square foot
cobblestones Between 35 & 50 dollar per 11 square foot
Wood Between 25 & 75 dollar per 11 square foot
Natural stone Between 35 & 75 dollar per 11 square foot

Choice 3: Hire a paver or do it yourself?

The third and last choice to be made when it comes to paving the garden is to hire a paver or not. This is a choice that depends on whether you know how to pave yourself. In addition, you also need to be sufficiently physically fit to do such work. If that is the case, you can save yourself a lot of money by laying the paving yourself. The average hourly wage of a road worker is between 40 and 70 dollars.