Outdoor sauna costs

I am sure you envisage this scenario. Your life is busy and hectic. You need to excel at work every day, and your family also demands a lot of attention from you. The trick is to relax after all your work. In this case a garden sauna is the solution for many people. This is a sauna that you place separately in your garden in the form of a small wooden shed. We have evaluated the cost of a sauna and the prices of additional elements such as a plunge pool and a hot tub.

An outdoor sauna

Buying a sauna is something that almost anyone can do, and we have listed a few things which you should consider whenever you decide on buying one of these!

Which product do you want to buy? Lower price range Upper price range
Sauna house with sunbeds and preparation for the oven $1200 $5300
Sauna heater $155 $540
Sauna control $110 $1800
Plunge pool $540 $950
Hot tub $1480 $2150


What is the price for an outdoor sauna?

How much you ultimately pay for the sauna depends on your decisions. We have listed these choices for you.

Option 1: How big is the sauna you want to buy. You can buy a sauna for your garden in the cheapest form: For $1200 you get a shed of about 160 x 120 cm. This is a sauna that you can only sit in. This dimension is too small for one to be able to lie on a tanning bed in it. It is therefore an entry-level model, suitable for people who have little space available. For a higher price you can also get a larger sauna house. For $4000 you can get a sauna with dimensions 244 x 387 cm. This is a size wherein you can sit with several people at the same time.

Option 2: Which model of sauna should you buy. Of course, you can also choose a sauna in the most classical form. In this case, you buy a kind of garden house wherein you can place your sauna heater. However, you can also choose a real eye-catcher in your garden. A so-called barrel sauna looks much more exclusive, while also offering you much more comfort. You can purchase this model from $2400 and then you have a barrel of 205 x 174 cm.

Option 3: What kind of oven do you place in it. You can choose several types of ovens for your sauna. The cheapest type is a small electric model, which you can buy from $160. This heater provides you with 2.3 kW. You can also buy another type of oven, known as professional oven, which can be bought from as little as $415. This oven delivers 10,5 kW. If you want an oven with natural fuel, choose a wood oven. This model has the advantage that it is not powered by electricity and that it gives off a wonderful natural smell. You can buy such an oven from $380, and the cost can go up to $3550. This oven model gives you heat for a sauna of 30 to 50 square meters.

Option 4: Opting for a plunge pool. Staying in a sauna includes a plunge pool. Of course, you can also buy the wooden version of this plunge pool. A plunge pool is usually 100 cm high, 71 cm deep and 100 cm wide. This plunge pool is completely prefabricated when it gets to you. You can fill it with cold water, and it will immediately be ready to use. You can buy a plunge pool from a price of about $530, but it can cost up to $950, depending on the material and design you want.

Option 5: Choosing a hot tub. After a visit to your sauna you can relax in your own hot tub. The hot tub already has a built-in oven and measures about 154 x 154 cm. You can buy a hot tub as from $1480.

Practical saving tips

Buy a showroom model. If you want to spend a little less on your sauna, it is best to buy a used model that was once in the showroom.

Ask for a quote.

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