Relocation costs

Did you become the owner of a new home? In that case you will want to move as soon as possible! However, there is a lot of work involved in a relocation. Not only will you have to cancel the rent or sell your current home, but you’ll also want to take into account the necessary insurances as well as a connection for gas, water and electricity. Making sure everyone knows you changed addresses is also something that many people tend to overlook. Overall, we can say that a move is twofold. The old house has to be given up while the new house has to be moved into. You can choose to take complete control of the move or you can (partly) outsource it to a professional moving company. Your choice in this area will largely determine the cost of your move.

Costs of moving yourself

If you want to move yourself you can choose to rent a van and drive back and forth. Such a van costs about $ 65.00 and $ 150.00 per day. On top of that there are usually the fuel costs and the costs for things like buying moving boxes. Another option for moving yourself is to rent a moving container and load it with your own things. Then you call the moving company who will transport the container to your new home. The costs for such a container, including the transport costs, can be about $ 330.00 per week. You can always ask family and friends to help with packing and driving back and forth. Useful: moving checklist.

If you make large purchases, for example at department stores or furniture stores, ask them if they want to deliver the newly purchased things to your new home free of charge. This is often possible. For emptying out your old house you can ask your local authority. There are thrift shops that collect your old things for free. This way you can make someone else happy with it and it saves you a ride.

How much does it cost to outsource moving?

Are you reluctant to move yourself? Do you want to be absolutely sure that moving your household items is done by an experienced and professional party, with the greatest possible care? In that case, you can choose to use the services of professional movers.

The costs involved in moving depends on how much needs to be moved, but on the number of movers and the distance that has to be covered as well. In order to get a good idea of the costs that you will have to take into account, we’ve worked out a number of situations.

Option Number of movers Moving services Costs
As cheap as possible 1 mover non Between 380 & 700 dollars
Extra help 2 movers packer Between 800 & 1.100 dollars
Large house 4 movers packer + handyman Between 1.450 & 1.900 dollars

* The above prices are based on a 1766 cubic foot household contents and moving van.

As cheap as possible: Would you like to move as cheaply as possible and do you have the opportunity to call on some friends and family? In that case you won’t need extra movers. In addition, the moving company you hire will only have to transport your items from the old home to the new one. The costs will be somewhere between 380 and 700 dollars.

Extra help: If you want to be sure that your household goods are not only packed correctly, but also transported safely, then it is always a good idea to hire an experienced mover. For a price of between 40 and 50 dollars per hour, a moving company will ensure that the fragile items that are part of your household contents are safely packed and moved. This will cost between 800 and 1,100 dollars.

Large house: Do you have furniture that is larger than 1766 cubic foot? That means the moving company will need more or bigger trucks. Otherwise, they’ll simply have to drive back and forth more times. If you also choose to have your household effects packed by a specialist packer and you also hire a handyman, the costa are between 1,450 and 1,900 dollars.

What is the price structure of moving?

The costs that are charged for moving consist of three different parts. We therefore distinguish the costs of loading from those of unloading and actual transport. Transport is usually the highest cost. This is around 45 percent. The remaining costs are evenly distributed among the loading and unloading operations, which amounts to 27.5 percent each.

Which choices determine the costs of moving?

The exact price charged for moving is calculated on the basis of four choices, namely:

Choice 1: The moving truck

The size of the household items that need to be moved has the greatest influence on the cists. A large number of household items means that a larger moving truck has to be used. In addition, you will probably also need several movers to make sure moving will go smoothly. A moving van with a capacity of 706 cubic foot can be used to move the household items from two or three-room apartments. But what if you have a detached house or a single-family house? That means a moving van with a capacity of 1766 cubic foot.

Type of home Moving truck Price per hour
Two- or three-room apartment 706 cubic foot + mover 70 to 75 dollars per hour
Detached house 1768 cubic foot + mover 75 to 80 dollars per hour

<h3>Choice 2: Extra movers

It goes without saying that during a move you always have the possibility to hire extra movers. Hiring extra movers ensures that you can move a lot faster. Hiring extra movers does not always mean a lot of extra costs, on the contrary. Because it is possible to work more efficiently, the final costs can even be lower than expected. Hiring an extra mover will cost between 30 and 40 dollars.

Choice 3: mileage allowance

The third choice is also a very important one. A moving company will always charge a mileage fee. In addition, counting starts from the location of the moving van. That’s why it’s always a good idea to choose a company from your own area. Many regional moving companies choose not to charge any costs for the first 12 miles. If you have chosen to use the services of a national company, this applies to the first 31 or 62 miles. Moving companies usually charge a mileage fee of between 0.40 and 1.31 dollars per 1 mile.

Choice 4: Extra options

The following possibilities offered by removal companies are not necessary, but can make you move more efficient.

Service Costs Benefits
Storage 100 to 105 dollars for a storage space of 1060 cubic foot Renting a storage box offers you the ideal solution for a lack of space.
Elevator assistance 80 dollars per hour Ideal for moving from a higher floor and for sofas, beds, refrigerators,…
Handyman service 50 dollars per hour Assembly and disassembly as well as repair and painting work.
Piano transport 245 – 300 dollars per hour The ideal way to move your piano (insured!).
Parking permit 30 – 40 dollars Price depends on the municipality. Faster loading and unloading right in front of the door.

Moving costs: save on costs

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