Costs for the garden

Are you planning on getting a new garden? A beautiful garden is an absolute added value for your home. A garden is also an excellent place to relax and unwind. For this reason, it is important to choose a garden that suits you. Let us take a closer look at the possible costs!

How much does landscaping cost?

Let us take a closer look at the different options involved, when building a garden.

Product Average cost
Design of the garden $380-$950
Laying of grass $4-$10 per square meter
Planting $8-$24 per square meter
Pool $1020-$41500
lighting $80-$100 per square meter
Garden shed $200-$10700
Pergola $800-$5350
Pavilion $10,150-$6400
Wooden terrace $80-$200 per square meter
Fence $50-$200 per meter
Street work $43-$150 per square meter
Gardener $30-$55 per hour


What decisions influence the price of the garden design?

There are several decisions you make, as a customer, which influence the price of the garden design. They include the following choices:

Option 1: Have you contrived a garden design or not?

Before a garden can be realized, you might decide to work out a design on paper. You can have a garden design made by a garden architect, although you can also do this yourself. If you want to have a garden design made for you, you should consider a price between $375 and $950.

Option 2: grass, patch, or wooden terrace?

When it comes to the surface, you can choose from several options. For example, you can choose to lay grass, just as you can opt for a patch or wooden terrace. If you have a larger garden, it is even possible to have a combination of all these possibilities. Nevertheless, we think that grass is the most common, and at the same time to most interesting option, as far as finances are concerned. For laying lawn, you should consider a price between $4 and $10 per square meter. The price for laying it falls between $42 and $142. Do you prefer a wooden terrace? In this case, you should consider a price between $80 and $220 per square meter.

Option 3: Would you prefer having covered areas in the garden or not?

Do you have a relatively large garden, and would you like to integrate a covered area into the garden? In this case, you could decide to install a pergola, for example. A pergola is a type of roofing/canopy that you can place wherever you want. You can also easily mount it to the wall. The roof often remains open or is covered with a cloth or glass. The price for such a pergola is between $800-$5350.

Option 4: Would you want a pond/pool in the garden or not?

Whether you create a pond in the garden or not also has a considerable influence on the price. More and more people prefer adding a pond to their garden because it is an additional source of tranquility and relaxation. Nowadays, ponds are available in all shapes and sizes, which immediately accounts for a significant difference in price. The type of pond, as well as its size and the material used determine the exact cost that will be charged. The price for a pond is somewhere between $1020 – $41500.

Selection 5: Whether a fence should be installed or not

There are many good reasons to include a fence in your garden. One of the most important reasons is of course the enhanced privacy. You can have a fence made of both hardwood and impregnated wood. Hardwood has a much better durability in this respect, though it is unfortunately much more expensive. For a fence you should consider an average cost of between $50 and $200 per meter. Would you also like to have a gate added to it? Then the price can be somewhere between $65 and $800 per meter.

Choose a local gardener

If you want to approach a gardener, it is always important that you choose one from the neighborhood. In this way you can ensure that the so-called call-off costs are kept as low as possible. To save even more costs, it is best to compare several offers from local gardeners. Click on the button below and enter your details. Receive the offers in your mailbox and start comparing. As such, you can save up to 30% of the costs.