Costs of putting up a painting

We want to talk to you about a very sought-after decoration. Basically, everyone has one in their house. Be it from a well-known painter, a family member or from an inheritance; everyone is familiar with paintings. If you have a painting that you want to put on the wall, you’ll find that it’ s not always easy. The reason for this is that not everyone is equally adept at putting up a painting. A painting can be quite large, and it is also vulnerable. You want to give your painting the place it deserves and that is why we will go into more detail with you about the costs of hanging a painting.

How do you make your painting stand out?

If you are going to put up a painting, you have to remember that you will need to determine a location in advance. A painting must have the right lighting if it is to look good. In order to determine the exact location, you need to try your painting in all possible places. Only then will you get an idea of how it will look and if your painting will get enough light.

The most popular places for a painting are above the couch, above a chair or above the table. This has one big advantage; your painting will always stand out. The downside is that you’ll encounter the disadvantage when you are going to change your interior. If the table or chair is suddenly somewhere else, you will also need to relocate the painting. To solve this problem a product has been designed that you can put up in your with a little help.

Your painting as flexible as your interior design

If you like to regularly change the layout of your house, then might be good to know that you can buy a rail system that you put on your wall. From the ceiling, or hidden behind a cove, you can hang a rail on which you can hang the painting. A clever rope system means you won’t see the wires, but you can move the painting if you like.

This system is easy to hang by yourself, but to make sure that the rail is completely level, it is good to hire a company to do the job. Only a rail that is level will hold your painting in place. We looked at the prices of such a system for you. We also looked at the costs if a company would to do job for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

What product or service do you want to purchase Per which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit?

What product or service do you want to buy Per which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit?
Click rail 79 inch Between 14 and 15 dollars
Click rail 118 inch Between 20 and 22 dollars
Perlon cord 59 inch long cord with a hook to put the painting on, can carry up to 15 kilos What is the price per unit?
Contour rail 79 inch Between 18 and 19 dollars
Contour rail 118 inch Between 27 and 28 dollars
Metal cable for painting up to 10 kg 59 inch Between 9 and 10 dollars
Jobsite for putting up painting rail Per hour Between 50 and 65 dollars

If you have a carpenter’s eye. If you have a good gut feeling if a painting rail is level, then you can easily install such a rail yourself. Don’t forget to use a spirit level. You don’t want to have too many drill holes in your wall afterwards.

If you are not the most technical person out there. If you are not the best at putting up a painting or a painting rail, then it is best to hire a company to do this job for you. You’ll pay an hourly rate between 50 and 66 dollars, but for that price you can be sure that your painting is completely level. This is very important because you want to be able to look at it for years to come.

How is the price tag composed?

How much you pay for hanging a painting depends on the choices you make. We have listed the choices for you.

  • Choice 1: How big is the painting you want to put up? If you have a small painting that you want to hang on your wall at any place, then a hanging rail is not really necessary. You should just go with a painting hook you can find at the hardware store for a few dollars and put you painting on it. You will save yourself the costs of a rail and a company. Make sure that your painting is in the right place right away. Too many drilling holes do not make anyone happy.
  • Choice 2: Which suspension system you choose. You can choose from several suspension systems. We opted for two rail systems in a fixed color. It is also possible that you opt for a kind of rod-like suspension system. This means you put up a painting with a looped cord. This system is cheaper, but it also looks cheaper. It might not fit with your beautiful painting. If you choose a hanging system in a RAL color or a paintable hanging system, it’ll cost you more. But you’ll have a neat rail system that’s basically invisible against your wall.
  • Choice 3: Are you going to hang a painting yourself or have it done for you? When you outsource putting up a painting, you can be sure that it will be hung in the right place, that it will be level, and that the lighting will be good. If you do it yourself, then you really need to have a carpenter’s eye. A mistake is easily made and then you’re stuck with the drill holes.

Practical savings tips

Request quotations

Request quotations

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