Movers costs

Did you just buy a new home? In that case you want to move your furniture from your old home into your new one! Movers are able to take all the worries from you and ensure a satisfactory end result.

What do Movers move?

Movers are specialized in moving furniture and other things from your home. They have to adhere to different requirements regarding the environment, but also the safety and quality of the service. Choosing a mover ensures that they’ll take care of your relocation without any problems!

The advantages of a mover

When you choose to use a mover there are several advantages. We’ve listed the three most important ones for you:

Excellently trained and qualified personnel

You always have an outstanding insurance and guarantee.

You can count on proper general terms and conditions

Excellently trained and qualified personnel

Moving companies usually have personnel who’ve received an excellent education and who are therefore appropriately qualified. This ensures that your valuable possessions are in the hands of real specialists who know exactly what they are doing.

Outstanding general terms and conditions

In order to guarantee a truly transparent operation, it is possible to view the terms and conditions of any good moving company, both online and offline. These terms and conditions state, among other things, that the moving company must inform the client that he must take out a storage insurance policy in the event of a possible storage. In addition, the company’s own insurance is of course applicable to the location where the storage facility is located.

Which choices affect the price of a mover?

The price that you’ll ultimately have to pay for a moving company may vary and is determined by four choices, namely:

Choice 1: Moving Truck

The type of furniture and especially its size will obviously have a major impact on the costs that you have to take into account when moving house. To put it simply, moving things from a detached house will always have a higher price than if it were a small apartment. The price difference between a large moving van of 1766 cubic foot costs about 11 to 14 dollars more than the 706 foot variant.

Type of home Moving truck Price per hour
Two- or three-room apartment 706 cubic foot + mover 70 to 75 dollars per hour
Detached house 1766 cubic foot + mover 75 to 80 dollars per hour

Choice 2: Possible extra movers

If you have a large household that you would like to move as quickly as possible to your new home, it may be interesting to call on one or more additional movers to do so. Hiring additional movers does not necessarily mean that the total cost of moving will increase. By hiring an extra mover, you’ll be able to work more efficiently, so that the costs can be kept as low as possible. You should keep in mind that an extra truck mover cost between 30 and 40 dollars extra per hour.

Choice 3: Type of transport

A moving company always starts counting from the location where the vehicle is located and that’s why it is important to call upon the services of a moving company in your area. Regional moving companies usually do not charge any costs for the first 12 miles. In the case of national moving companies, this can be as much as 31 or 62 miles, depending on the conditions applied by the company. Relocation companies charge a mile price that is somewhere between 0.40 and 1.31 dollar per 1 mile.

Choice 4: Additional removal services

The first three choices are the most important ones. These are what everyone who wishes to move will need. In addition there are some extra moving services, like:

Service Costs Benefits
Storage 100 to 105 dollars for a storage space of 1060 cubic foot Renting a storage box offers you the ideal solution for a lack of space.
Elevator assistance 80 dollars per hour Ideal for moving from a higher floor and for sofas, beds, refrigerators,…
Handyman service 50 dollars per hour Assembly and disassembly as well as repair and painting work.
Piano transport 245 – 300 dollars per hour The ideal way to move your piano (insured!).
Parking permit 30 – 40 dollars Price depends on the municipality. Faster loading and unloading right in front of the door.

Interesting savings tips

Are you convinced of the unique advantages of moving companies and would you like to make use of the services of such a company? In that case we have some interesting savings tips for you!

  • Moving during the week. You can save a lot of money if you choose to move during the week and not during the weekend. The majority of the moving companies charge a considerably higher rate during the weekend. This is a surcharge that is between 30 and sometimes even 70 percent! Better to take a few days off when you’re moving!
  • Partially moving yourself. you can also choose to move some stuff yourself. Large, heavy pieces of furniture are just a little bit more difficult, but the small items of furniture that have been put into ordinary boxes can be transported more easily. Are you not a fan of driving back and forth constantly? No problem. Make sure that all the boxes are ready at the door so that they only need to be loaded. This will save you a considerable amount of time that will be reflected in the total costs. However, you should be aware that any expensive and fragile items are not covered by the insurance of the moving company if you have packed them yourself.
  • Do not take unnecessary items with you. A move is the ideal time to get rid of old and worn furniture. When you move to a new home, you are probably going to buy some new furniture. Placing the old furniture on a second-hand website such as Ebay ensures that you receive a (small) takeover fee, which you can spend on buying new furniture and equipment. The less you move, the less you need to pack and unpack!

Biggest saving tip

It is wise not to use the first mover you come across. Compare them first. Luckily you can compare up to 6 movers in one go via our website. Click on the button below and fill in your details. You will receive up to 6 offers in your mailbox (no obligation) and start comparing. This way you can save up to 30% on costs!