Costs for roofing

The roofing of your house is of great importance. Do you want to install a (new) roof covering, and will like to hire a roofer for this? Let us have a look at the costs involved!

Prices for roofers

The prices depend on the type of work the roofing company will need to do for you. This is because the installation of (new) roofing material or a repair usually involves the removal of the old roofing material, (dormer) insulation, installation of dormer windows and/or dormers, installation and maintenance of gutters and sometimes the installation of solar panels.

To give you an indication, we consider the installation of a new roof as such. The average price is between $60 and $95 per square meter (m2). This depends greatly on the type of roofing you want. The average labor costs per hour vary depending on the type of job:

Type Average hourly rate
New construction About $35 per hour
Maintenance About $40 per hour
Additional workspaces About $32 per hour


Average prices for roofing

Would you like to have a great inside regarding the average price for a specific project? We can list for you the average prices for different orders:

Flat roof Life expectancy Prices per square meter
Bitumen Between 20 and 25 years $85-$105
PVC Between 20 and 25 years $90-$110
EPDM Between 35 and 40 years $110-$140
Green roof Between 55 and 60 years $70-$77


Sloped roof:

Concrete roof tiles Between 30 and 35 years $47-$78
Slates Between 35 and 40 years $65-$100
Thatched roof Between 35 and 40 years $100-$120
Aluminium Between 45 and 50 years $83-$105
Clay tiles Between 45 and 50 years $65-$110
Copper Between 75 and 80 years $110-$142
Zinc Between 95 and 100 years $80-$110


Decisions that affect the price charged by a roofer

The price that a roofer will charge for your project depends heavily on various decisions:

Option 1: The type of work

The type of work to be carried out by the roofer, as well as the material to be used, has a great influence on the total costs that will be charged. To give just one example: The laying of a bitumen roofing takes much less time than the laying of a thatched roof!

Option 2: The Roofer’s experience

The price charged is not only influenced by the type of work, but also by the experience of the roofer. Someone who has just started working as a roofer will charge much less than someone with many years of experience. Please note that a roofer with more experience will usually be able to carry out your project more efficiently, so you can still expect an attractive financial benefit at the end.

Option 3: Skilled work or not?

The third choice again depends on the type of job. The price charged again does not only depend on the type of work, but also the degree of difficulty of the assignment.

Option 4: Suburban areas or the province?

One point that most people fail to take into consideration is the fact that the prices charged by a roofer can vary greatly depending on your location.

Option 5: Scope of the contract

Finally, there is the size of the project. The bigger the project, the more efficiently a roofer can work. You will see that this is reflected in the price charged. Take for example the installation of a roof covering in a semi-detached house. In this case the roofer can reach and cover both roofs with a single scaffold, which can significantly reduce the hourly wage.

Find out the exact price

The best thing you can do is to get multiple quotes from different companies in your area. We offer this service completely free of charge and the quotes are completely nonbinding. Please click on the button below and specify your wishes as best as possible. You will then receive several quotes in your mailbox from roofers in your region, wherefrom you can start your comparison. In this way you can get to save up to 30% of the costs.