Woodworm control costs

Do you suffer from woodworms in your home and/ or garden? Woodworms are beetle larvae that are keen on anything made of wood. An infestation by woodworms can be prevented by treating the wood with paint, wax or stain. Do you also suffer from woodworms and would you like to do something about it? But you don’t have any idea what costs are involved? You can find the costs on this page!

Determining the type of woodworm

It is important to take into account that woodworm species are different from each other. It’s probably difficult to distinguish the holes yourself, but this is not the case for the professionals. They know which type of woodworm they’re dealing with by looking at the size of the holes. Based on this they’ll propose a method to prevent further damage.

Preventive measures for woodworms

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to woodworm. If they’ve already manifested themselves, it means there’s already damage to the woodwork. To start with you need to maintain your wood properly. Well-maintained wood is not particularly susceptible to woodworms and fungi. Things like as paint, lacquer and varnish or stain can help to protect your wood. A second very important tip is to ensure good ventilation in your home. Woodworms just love damp and moldy wood. By providing good ventilation in your home, you can easily solve this problem.

How much does fighting woodworm cost?

By now you know what you can do to prevent woodworm, but what if, unexpectedly, you still have to deal with it? In that case you might want to call in a real professional. This professional will initially determine the nature of the problem and will then provide you with a solution. The table below will give you an idea of the average cost price charged by a woodworm fighter:


Type of control Average cost
Woodworm control 4 and 8 dollars per 11 square foot

With woodworms, you need to act as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that woodworm can be controlled, it is true that the holes that have been created will not dissolve themselves. Repairing such holes is not only difficult, but quite expensive as well. Intervening as soon as possible when woodworm is detected is very important in this regard.

Price structure of controlling woodworm

When we take a closer look at the cost price charged for combating woodworm, we can see that it is divided into two different parts. With 70 percent, labor costs make up the biggest portion by far. The remaining 30% is needed to cover the costs of the used material.

Many don’t like various activities, like combating woodworm, because of the high labor costs. But it is on precisely these costs, that you can make a neat saving. When you choose to request quotations from various professional parties and you start comparing them, you’ll see that you can save more than you thought you would.

Interesting savings tips

Combating woodworm may not break the bank, but you probably didn’t plan on spending it. To ensure that these costs are kept within reason, it’s always a good idea to keep the following interesting savings tips in mind:

  • Quantity discount. Aren’t you the only one in the street who suffers from woodworm? That means you can deal with woodworm together. This means you’ll get the lowest possible price. The price is lower because you’ll only have to pay the call-out fee once instead of twice or more. Check in your street if people are dealing with the same problem.
  • Take good care of the wood in your home. Prevention is always better than cure, and this also applies to combating woodworm. By choosing to protect your wooden furniture thoroughly by applying paint or stain, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of damage caused by woodworm. In addition, good ventilation in the home makes the conditions for woodworm a lot more unpleasant. This is also highly recommended, especially if the house is well insulated.
  • Combine with other pest control. Isn’t woodworm the only nuisance you have in and around your house that you need to tackle? In that case, it might be a good idea to combine the different forms of control and have them solved all at once. This will also make for a considerable saving on the cost price that is charged for woodworm control.
  • Comparing is saving. It is always interesting to request a quotation from different parties for controlling woodworm. Only by requesting a quotation from different parties is it possible to get an optimal picture of how much woodworm control really costs. By comparing quotations, it’s possible to achieve savings of up to 30 or even 40 percent of the total cost price. That’s a lot!