Costs for grouting

Over time, the grout in your house may become damaged. This creates a messy impression that can affect the value of your house. It is therefore always important to have the existing grouting replaced. Not only will this strengthen your facade, but it will also significantly reduce the risk of moisture penetration and frost damage. Are you also thinking about replacing the existing grouting in your house? Let us have an overview of the costs!

How much does a new grouting cost?

The cost of replacing grout usually depends greatly on various factors. These are the following:

  • The type of house
  • The type of grouting
  • The age of the house in question
  • The number of square meters

However, the above-mentioned options are not the only ones. For example, you can also choose to have your facade cleaned or impregnated. In either case, the table below will give you a good overview of the various activities that can be carried out, as well as the costs involved. When calculating these costs, we have considered an area of approximately 60 square meters, which corresponds to a standard terraced house.

Task Costs
Only renewal of the grouting $650-$1000
Cleaning in combination with grouting $1600-$2250
Sandblasting, pressing and impregnation $5000-$6000


Only grouting: If you can clean your façade, and can also remove the existing joints yourself, you should only call in a specialist to install new joints. This will cost between $650 and $1000.

Combination of cleaning and grouting: Do you own of a single-family house and would like the horizontal lines to be highlighted? Then it will be best to use the so-called shadow grouting mortar. You can have this grout installed in combination with the cleaning of your facade at a price between $1600-$2200.

Combination of sandblasting, grouting, and impregnation: Do you want to have the certitude of enjoying your grouting for as long as possible? In this case, it will be great if you opt to impregnate your façade. This prevents water damage, but also ensures better insulation of the house. This is a luxury version, which costs between $5000-$6000.

The detail price structure of grouting

The price consists of two parts. On the one hand there are the labor costs, which make up 70 percent of the total costs; while on the other hand, there are also the material costs, which make up about 30 percent. Since the labor costs are so high, it is relatively easy to save them. If you ask for a quote from different companies and compare them, you can immediately and easily save a considerable amount of money.

What decisions affect the cost of grouting?

The total price you need to consider when replacing injection mortar depends on various options. We have listed the most important options for you:

Option 1: Cleaning or not?

Would you like to have the existing grout replaced, but would also like to significantly improve the overall appearance of your home? In this case, you can choose to combine the replacement of the existing grout with a facade cleaning. When cleaning a facade, dirt, moss, and grey stains are removed. The price for cleaning a facade is usually between $10 and $12 per square meter.

Option 2: Type of grouting

The choice of grouting also has a considerable influence on the total costs to be considered. It is important to examine the various options before taking a decision.

Option 3: Protection of the grouting material

To ensure that you enjoy your new joint sealant for as long as possible, it may be interesting to have your exterior wall impregnated. In this way you will receive an additional protective layer. An additional advantage is that the impregnation ensures that the heat loss which you should suffer can be reduced to a minimum. For the impregnation of your facade, you should calculate a price between $6 and $18 per square meter.

Last, but not least

The most important tip we can give you is to compare several offers from local companies. Fortunately, you can use our website to request up to 6 offers from local facade renovation companies in one go. Click on the button below and enter your details. Receive up to 6 offers in your mailbox and start comparing. This way you can save up to 30% of costs.