Costs underfloor heating

More and more people have chosen to use underfloor heating in their homes. This choice is not so strange, on the contrary. Choosing underfloor heating is not only space-saving, it’s also a very economical way to heat your home. Are you thinking about having underfloor heating installed in your home and would you like to have a good idea of the average costs that are charged for this? We’ve got your covered.

Making choices

There are different types of underfloor heating. The price depends on the choices you will make. Think of the fact whether you are going to install the underfloor heating yourself or whether you want to outsource it. The amount of underfloor heating will have an effect on the price. We try to inform you as extensively, to ensure you can make a good choice when buying underfloor heating.

Price structure

Below is the price structure of underfloor heating. As you can see, a large part is labor costs. It is wise to compare underfloor heating before you buy it.

price structure underfloor heating

Types of underfloor heating

Before we discuss prices, it’s wise to know what types of underfloor heating there are first.

  • Wet system: placed under cement screed. Suitable for new homes because there is usually sufficient installation height available. The installation height is 6 inch to 8 inch.
  • Drying system underfloor heating: the pipes are placed in pre-formed styrofoam or polystyrene. Usually installed in houses with limited floor structure and timber frame houses. The installation height here is at least 2 inch. So you need 4 inch less installation height compared to a wet system.
  • Electric. Here there are again 3 types to distinguish. 1) With mats 2) Electric cables 3) Foil system. Advantages of electric underfloor heating are that it has low installation costs and is easy to install.
  • Milling: Slots are made in the top layer of the cement floor. The pipes are located in the floor finish so that the floor heats up quickly and has as little heat loss as possible.

Floor heating costs table

Nowadays there is a wide range of possibilities to choose from. For example, you can choose underfloor heating on shrink nets, but it is also possible to have underfloor heating on stud plates. What about milled underfloor heating? The table below will provide a clear picture of the average underfloor heating costs. The prices shown are included installation as well as the cost of labor and material. Prices maybe further influenced by possible travel costs.

Side heating Main Heating Mats Milling
Up to 215 ft2 Up to 108 ft2 875 dollars 800 dollars
Up to 430 ft2 Up to 215 ft2 1010 dollars 950 dollars
Up to 645 ft2 Up to 323 ft2 1.365 dollars 1.100 dollars
Up to 860 ft2 Up to 430 ft2 1.475 dollars 1.250 dollars
Up to 1076 ft2 Up to 538 ft2 1.750 dollars 1.400 dollars
Up to 1292 ft2 Up to 645 ft2 1.900 dollars 1.600 dollars
Up to 1506 ft2 Up to 753 ft2 2.075 dollars 1.825 dollars
Up to 1722 ft2 Up to 861 ft2 2.450 dollars 1.965 dollars
Up to 1938 ft2 Up to 969 ft2 2.725 dollars 2.200 dollars
Up to 2152 ft2 Up to 1076 ft2 3.050 dollars 2.370 dollars
Up to 2368 ft2 Up to 1184 ft2 3.270 dollars 2.450 dollars
Up to 2583 ft2 Up to 1292 ft2 3.550 dollars 2.725 dollars


Underfloor heating costs

20% energy savings

The main reason why underfloor heating is increasingly being used in a home has to do with the energy savings that can be achieved. Overall, the installation of underfloor heating provides a saving of about 20 percent on an annual basis compared to conventional radiators. This is because the boiler doesn’t need to deliver high temperatures. Underfloor heating is therefore not only a space-saving, but also a very cost-effective way of heating.

Choices that affect the price of underfloor heating

Different choices you make as the owner of your house to install underfloor heating have an impact on the price. We will give you an overview of the most important choices in this area:

Choice 1: Floor insulation or not?

First of all, for the best possible your underfloor heating efficiency, it is crucial that your floor is sufficiently insulated. Often the pipes are simply milled into the concrete, which means that a great deal of energy is lost, sometimes even amounting to several hundred dollars. Floor insulation can be installed in many different ways. Sprayed foam and insulating screed are the most frequently used methods. Spraying foam will cost between 15 and 20 dollars per 11 square feet. The price for insulating screed is between 15 and 20 dollars per 11 square feet.

Choice 2: Pump switch or not?

A second option to save money is to use a so-called pump switch. This is placed between the heating and the electricity. A pump switch ensures that the pump is automatically switched off when no heating is required. The size of the so-called circulation pump will ultimately determine the price you can save. In principle, an additional saving of between 100 and 160 dollars should be doable. The purchase of the pump is between 90 & 110 dollars.

Choice 3: HR boiler with underfloor heating

People who have an HR boiler and use underfloor heating as the most important heating would do well to set the supply temperature of the central heating water equal to the temperature of the underfloor heating. 65 to 70 degrees should be enough. This allows you to save between 5 and 7 percent per year.

Choice 4: Having underfloor heating installed

It’s always a good idea to have your underfloor heating installed by an expert. The expert will determine how much water must flow through the hose to reach a certain temperature in a specific part of the house. Throughout your home there are several areas that require less heat than the main living space. The price charged for the adjustment of underfloor heating (depending on the size of the installation) is usually about 110 dollars.

Choice 5: Possible extra options

Finally, there are several options that you can request at an additional cost. Although these options may not be necessary, they can offer interesting added value. We will gladly give you an overview of these options:

Option Average cost price Information
Connection via the crawl space Between 55 & 65 dollars Extra labor will be charged
Removal of radiators Between 30 & 40 dollars Cost per radiator
Bypass Between 45 & 90 dollars A bypass ensures the boiler circulation.

Compare offers and save money

As a first step, it is wise to compare several quotations. As it concerns customization, the prices can vary considerably per company. Save yourself time and money by using our website to request 6 quotations at once. Click on the button below and leave your details. Receive the quotes in your mailbox, compare based on price & quality and start comparing. This way you can save up to 30% on costs.