Painting doors costs

Could the doors in your home use a new lick of paint? Would you like to have this done by a professional painter, but you have no idea what the costs are? We’ve listed the various possibilities, including the costs for you!

Doors painting price

A not unimportant aspect of having your doors painted is whether you want to have the doorframes painted as well. We’ll clarify this price difference with the help of the table below:

Type of paintwork Price incl. paint, material Quantity
Doors Between 215 & 820 dollars 3 to 10 doors
Doors incl. doorframes Between 730 & 1600 dollars 10 to 40 doors incl. doorframes

In order to give you a clear insight into the average costs charged for the painting of your doors, we’ve made three price examples:

Small paintwork: In this case it concerns the painting of 4 interior doors. This will cost you about 450 to 500 dollars. This price includes the used material as well as the paint.

Average paintwork: Average paintwork in this case means about 8 interior doors. If you wish to have these painted, it’ll cost you about 545 dollars. This price also includes the paint and the required material.

Large paintwork: Would you like to have large paintwork carried out? If you wish to have 12 doorposts taken care of, you should consider a price of between 875 and 925 dollars. This price also includes both the paint used and the material.

Choices that affect the price of door painting

The final price for the painting of the doors in your home depends on several factors. We’ve listed the most important choices that you need to consider:

Choice 1: The painter

A painter charges an average price of 35 to 40 euros per hour for painting a door. This price includes everything, i.e. not only the paint, but also the material used. Please note that if your doors have a separate motif or if they have a window, it may be more difficult to paint the door. In this case, a painter may choose to charge an hourly rate. This means a price between 35 and 45 dollars per hour. An hourly rate usually is used for painting the doorposts.

Choice 2: The paint

If you want to have a special color on your doors, it may be interesting to order the paint yourself. If you just want a standard, solid color, it might be smarter to have the painter arrange it. This is often cheaper. The table below shows the prices for buying a gallon of paint. In addition, it is also indicated which surface you can paint approximately with the purchased gallon. Please note that when painting exterior doors, you need more gallon of paint compared to interior doors.

Type of paint Price per 0.3 gallon Square foot per 0.3 gallon Particulars
Primer Between 27 & 50 dollars 118 to 140 Under layer
Stain and lacquer Between 25 & 60 dollars 97 to 161 Protective layer
Opaque paint Between 25 & 55 dollars 43 to 97 Paints for indoor and outdoor use


You can choose to have your doors painted using special paint. Chalkboard paint is also a possibility and can be very practical in your home. The price charged for special paint is:

Type of special paint Price per 0,3 gallon
Magnetic paint Between 25 & 40 dollars
Metallic or glitter paint Between 20 & 35 dollars
Chalkboard paint Between 25 & 55 dollars

Choice 3: Combination of paintings

It’s usually cheaper if you combine several painting jobs. This is because the painter can then carry out all the work at the same time and at the same location. We’ve worked out some examples of jobs including the average cost price.

Surface Costs Depends on
Painting a staircase Between 300 & 645 dollars 1 time whitening to sanding, cleaning and painting
Painting a dormer Between 380 & 800 dollars Only side panel or sidebar to the complete dormer including both frames and windows.
Painting window frames Between 430 & 1.600 dollars From 75.3 square foot excl. paint to the painting of all the exterior frames of one house.
Painting a ceiling Between 215 & 1.300 dollars From 322.9 to 484.3 square foot incl. complete kitchen (kitchen cupboards included).

* The prices shown in the table above are all inclusive of labor costs as well as paint used and materials.

If you intend to have the doors of your house painted on the outside, it is always a good idea to consider having other painting work carried out at the same time. The painter will give you a total price for the entire project. It’ll make for a neat saving on the final price. The table below shows you the average costs for outside painting jobs.

Type of house Average costs for outdoor painting including labour, paint, material
Apartment Between 1035 & 1.145 dollars
Townhouse Between 1.525 & 1.745 dollars
Corner house Between 3.200 & 3.400 dollars
Detached house Starting form 6.550 dollars

Interesting savings tips:

Would you like to save on the painting of the doors in your home? As mentioned before, you can then choose to combine the paintwork with other parts of your home. However, there are other ways to ensure that the price tag of the painting work remains within reason. We have already listed the most important saving tips for you.

Do some things yourself. Getting the price tag down doesn’t have to be difficult, on the contrary. You can help the painter out by doing some of the things yourself, saving him some hours of work. Remove any furniture aside in advance and cover the floor. When the painter arrives, he’ll hardly have to do any preparatory work, which means that you won’t have to spend any money on things that you can do yourself.

Want to save even more?

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