Moving tiles costs

If you have to move a large amount of tiles, you just can’t your own vehicle. If you don’t have a van at your disposal, you may use a transport service for this. You often pay an hourly fee for this service and the transport costs are already included in the price. You pay a surcharge for extra movers. The transport company will load, transport and unload your tiles at the place you specify.

The costs

The price you pay varies per transport company. The service that is provided also varies per company. In general it is possible to give an average price for which you get one mover, a 20 m3 or 50 m3 van and a number of moving materials to be able to transport and load the tiles neatly. If you have a large number of tiles and you may not be able to help yourself with lifting, you can ask for an extra mover or a larger van. The following table gives an indication of the costs,.

Transport company service Average cost
Standard size van and 1 mover $50 per hour
Extra mover $20 per hour
Larger van and 1 mover $65 per hour
Extra mover $30 per hour

Do it yourself: it’s up to you to find out if renting a van yourself and moving the tiles is cheaper in comparison to a transport company. In that case, you can’t use the removal materials. You can also assist the mover with loading and unloading to speed up the job and reduce working hours. Particularly if the tiles do not need to be transported far, this won’t be too expensive and a transport company is often cheaper and more convenient.

An extra mover: if you call in a transport company and ask for an extra mover, you pay an average of $90 per hour. If you have a lot of tiles, it is cheaper to take an extra mover, because the number of hours will be reduced. Alternatively, you can ask someone from your friends or family to help.

Long distance transport: the most expensive option is to have your tiles transported over a long distance. You also pay for the time it takes for the transport company to get back home. It can be cheaper if you strategically choose the location of the transport company. You can also find out for yourself by making calculations and contacting various transport companies.

The price structure

The total price you pay is often calculated per hour and this includes the call-out costs, the 1 mile surcharge and other expenses relating to transport. This makes it very easy to calculate how much the invoice will be. The transport company often charges 30 percent for loading, 40 percent for transport and 30 percent for unloading. However, you won’t know as you just pay an hourly rate. The only way to save money is to transport your tiles yourself. And as mentioned before, this is not always cheaper. In the following diagram this price structure is shown again.

Choices that influence the price

When planning your tile transport, you will be faced with a number of choices that may have a positive or negative impact on the price. Sometimes you have the opportunity to make other decisions that will lower the price. Here are a few choices.

The distance

If you have a limited budget for transporting the tiles, it’s best to make sure that they don’t have to travel a long distance. The price for transport over long distances increases quickly. The longer the job takes, the more you have to pay.

The number of movers

You pay a surcharge for extra movers. However, this extra manpower means that your tiles can be loaded into the van twice as fast. Unloading is faster as well. If you have a large amount of tiles to transport and they don’t need to be transported over a long distance, then it might be cheaper to hire two movers.

The amount of tiles

If you have a very large amount of tiles that do not fit in a standard size van, it might be necessary to arrange a larger van. The next size is often larger van and the price goes up to $80 per hour for the van and $40 for an extra mover. If the tiles have to be transported over a long distance, the extra costs can add up to hundreds of euros.

Interesting savings tips

You have little influence on the price per hour and the distance to be covered. However, there are still a few ways in which you can keep the costs of moving your tiles low.

  • Help out: by getting the tiles ready for loading and by helping yourself to load and unload them, you can make the job go faster and thus save money. If you have friends or family who can help you load and unload, you’ll save even more and there’s no need to use an extra mover.
  • Make calculations: the only way to find the cheapest way to transport your tiles is to look at all the options and make calculations for each situation. Is it cheaper with two movers? How much does it cost if you rent a van yourself? What is the best place for the moving company to be located? By answering these kinds of questions and using them when choosing your transport company, you can certainly save money on the total price.

Compare quotations

As with any job, the only way to find out the exact price for transporting your tiles is to request quotations. You can do this yourself, but you can also use our comparison tool. This tool is free and does not oblige you to buy anything. You’ll quickly receive several quotations from transport companies in your area. You then compare them with each other and with your own research in order to find the best deal to move your tiles.