Tiler costs

Tilers can help you in creating a new tiled wall or floor. Tiles are often used in wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens because they are completely water repellent. However, you can also regularly find tiles on floors, in living rooms and bedrooms, for example. The most complete information about tiling and how to hire a tiler can be found in this article.

The costs

Tilers often demand payment per square meter. The price charged per square meter consists of labor costs, materials, and VAT. Labor costs are higher or lower, depending on the intensity of work, as well as the difficulty of the work. From the following table you can see how much you pay per square meter for a tiler in an average situation. All amounts already include VAT.

Costs for tilers Natural stone tiles Ceramic tiles
The tiles themselves $26-$80 per m2 $15-$43 per m2
The other material $7-$15 per m2 $7-$15 per m2
Laying fee $26-$47 per m2 $26-$47 per m2
Total costs $59-$155 per m2 $48-$105 per m2


Advantages and disadvantages of using a tile

We have compiled the following list of advantages and disadvantages of tilers for you. You can cross them off against each other to take a decision or organize your thoughts. Either way, it is always good to judge from both sides.

The pros and cons

Tiles as cladding for your floor or wall have many advantages. They are strong, durable, beautiful, waterproof, easy to maintain and natural. In addition, you can combine them very well with underfloor heating because they store heat for a long time and continue to radiate it.

Tilers can transform your room by laying the tiles with different laying patterns.

A cleverly laid floor or wall tile can serve for many decades. All you need to do is keep the tiles clean.

Tiles can also be laid outdoors. They are very resistant to intensive use and any weather conditions. A tiler can therefore also lay a terrace or other sidewalk for you.


Tiles as material have some disadvantages. For example, without underfloor heating, they can feel cold to the feet, and some tiles are very slippery. So, make sure that you do not lay these tiles on the floor, otherwise there will be a high risk of slipping.

There are cheap types of tiles for sale, but if you choose beautiful, large, and high-quality natural stone tiles, the price for laying them can be up to $142 per square meter. This is of course not a low price.

The work will be a nuisance for you. Your floor will need to be completely removed, for that, the whole room will need to be emptied. You will not be able to use your bathroom for a few days because the tiles need to dry. The noise will not be so loud, but your rhythm of life will certainly be disturbed for a while.

Types of tiles

The table above already showed a distinction between two different types of tiles, namely ceramic tiles, and natural stone tiles. This is a common way to describe tile types. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages, and it is important that you think keenly about the end results.

Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are tiles that are mostly made of fired clay. This is then refined with a color or pattern. This is often a glaze, but there are several possibilities. Several ceramic tiles are available with mosaics, with motifs, color gradients, etc. These tiles are water-repellent and very decorative.

Natural stone tiles: Natural stone tiles are made from a type of stone that was mined somewhere in a quarry. Known natural stone types are marble, granite, slate, limestone, and quartzite. Since it is a natural material, it is of particularly good quality, it is strong and unique, because no two tiles are alike. Natural stone gives your floor or wall a luxurious look.

Compare quotes

A lot can be achieved by comparing the offers from tilers in your region. If you use our comparison tool, we can help you with the offers you need!