Architect costs

You have finally bought this beautiful house, but there is still much to be done. Your old house needs to be renovated, or you are planning a renovation in your house. There are several reasons to consult an architect. But what does it cost in real terms to hire an architect?

What is the job

Before you start investigating what it will cost to hire an architect, it is important to first determine what the job will look like. What exactly needs to be done and what the architect’s role will be. Once you have clarified this, you can start looking for a suitable architect. Below you will find a handy overview of an architect’s price structure.

Architect’s Cost analyses

The most important basis in determining the cost of hiring an architect is how much the architect needs to do. Do you already have an idea of what the final design should look like? Or does the architect have to design a complete plan for you? Of course, it costs money to hire an architect, but the question is whether it is more expensive on the balance, compared to not hiring one. An architect knows the building regulations, and often works are more efficient and therefore faster with an architect than (with a contractor but without an architect).

If you decide to hire an architect, he can calculate and invoice his costs in three different ways:

Percentage-based: In this case, the architect’s range of tasks is so extensive that neither an hourly rate nor a square meter price can be calculated. In this situation, a percentage of the total price of the work is therefore agreed upon.

Hourly rate: When exactly an hourly rate is chosen depends very much on the chosen architect. One will prefer a fixed price per hour, while the other will prefer an amount per square meter.

Price per square meter: A price per square meter can also be agreed based on the plan. In this case, the work to be done by the architect is known in detail, so there is no room for changes.

Price examples

This gives you a good idea of how an architect’s costs are calculated. To give you an even better idea of the average costs of different projects, we have created some price examples:


Order consisting of preliminary design, final design and building application: In this case, you should consider an average cost between $2100-$2250.

Order consisting of preliminary draft, final draft, specifications, and planning application: The specifications that need to be drafted involve considerable additional costs. Compared to the first situation, you should allow for additional costs of about $2100. The total price for this order is about $4250-$4400.

The contract consists of the preliminary + final design, the planning application, the technical description, the specification drawings, the tender and the construction supervision: this is one of the most complete packages you can ask for from an architect. Everything is taken out of your hands such that you can only count on the architect’s competence in all aspects. In this case, you can expect a price between $5350-$6200.

Are you planning on using the services of an architect to extend an existing house? In this case, different rates apply. For a contract consisting of a preliminary + final design, the planning application, the technical description, the specification drawings, the tender and the construction supervision, a price between $8900-$10100 should be considered. Please note that the location of the hangar can play a significant role in the price.

Price examples for new buildings:

The third and last case is a completely new construction project. This can be at home or abroad. Think for example of a vacation home that is being built in a southern vacation resort. If you have such plans, you can consider the costs listed below.

Type of project Average cost
Standard new building project order consisting of the preliminary + final design including building application Approximately $2350-$2700
Single family house abroad (price example based on Greece). The order includes the preliminary + final design. About $8900-$9500
Conversion of the factory into two houses. The contract includes the preliminary and final design, the planning application, the technical description, the specification drawings, the tendering, and the construction supervision. About $41500-$42700


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