Mesh fencing costs

Do you need mesh fencing? Be aware that the prices can vary considerably. This has everything to do with the fact that mesh fencing can be purchased for various purposes. Animal mesh fencing is to protect your animals from running away while garden mesh fencing ensures a nice enclosure of your garden. Are you also planning to buy mesh fencing? We’re happy to list the costs that you have to take into account.

How much does mesh fencing cost?

If you are planning to invest in mesh fencing, the table below will give you a good idea of the average costs.

Product Price per 82 x3 foot
Garden mesh Between 40 & 85 dollars
Harmonica mesh Between 70 & 125 dollars
Animal mesh – Chicken mesh Between 25 & 35 dollars
Animal mesh – Sheep mesh Between 35 & 95 dollars
Animal mesh – Aviary mesh Between 55 & 100 dollars
Animal mesh – Mink mesh Between 55 & 120 dollars
Pest mesh Between 13,65 & 29,95 dollars per 33 foot

Animal mesh fencing: The cheapest version of mesh fencing is chicken wire mesh. If you are planning to install a chicken run, please note that a 82 x 3 foot roll has a price of between 25 and 35 dollars. Mink wire mesh is the most expensive with a price tag of between 55 and 120 dollars.

Affordable mesh garden fence: Are you looking for a cheap and simple fence for your garden? A mesh fence is a great choice. A 82 x 3 foot roll will cost between 45 and 85 dollars. See also the possibilities of mesh fencing in combination with plants: hedge knotweed.

Strongest mesh fencing garden fence: In the third case, you can opt for the also very popular harmonica mesh. Harmonica mesh fencing has a higher price tag. But on the other hand, it’s also sturdier compared to ordinary garden mesh fencing. A 82 x 3 foot roll harmonica mesh fence will cost between 70 and 125 dollar.

Choices that influence the cost of mesh fencing

People who are going to install fencing in their garden should take into account that different choices can have a significant impact on the costs. We have listed the most important choices for you.

Choice 1: The type of mesh fencing

The first choice you have to make is what type of mesh fencing you are going to buy. There are several options you can choose from, namely:

  • Garden mesh fencing: People who are just looking for the cheapest possible fencing usually opt for garden mesh fencing. There are several interesting advantages to using this type of mesh fencing. It’s not only quick and easy to install, but it can also be purchased at a very competitive price. Garden mesh fencing has a mesh size of 2 x 4 inch.
  • Harmonic mesh fencing: Just like garden mesh, harmonic mesh fencing can also be used as a garden fence. People who are looking for something to assist climbing plants can use this fencing as well. Harmonica mesh fencing has a mesh size of 2 x 0.19 inch. Because this type of mesh fence is much stronger, it’s also more expensive.
  • Animal mesh fencing: Are you looking for a fence for small animals? That’s where animal mesh fencing comes in. There are various options, like chicken wire mesh, sheep wire mesh, aviary mesh wire and badger/ mink wire mesh.
  • Pest wire mesh: You want to make sure that some animals don’t get access to your garden? Pest wire mesh is an excellent choice for that. This type of mesh fencing ensures that moles, mice and rats won’t be able to enter your garden. Typical for animal mesh wire is that the meshes are so small that even these small animals can’t get through.

Choice 2: Galvanizing and coating

When you choose to buy mesh fencing, you need to decide if you want to have it galvanized. The galvanization of wire mesh fencing is necessary because it’s made of metal. When metal gets into contact with water, it will start to rust. Rust causes the quality of the fencing to deteriorate considerably. A surcharge of about 10 percent can be charged for fencing galvanization. In many cases, however, this cost is already included in the price of the fence.

You can also choose to have your fencing coated. Having your fence coated has some interesting advantages. The wire mesh fencing will look better and the lifespan will be considerably extended as well. A surcharge of about 10 percent is regularly applied for coating. There’s usually always a coating, except with animal wire mesh or pest wire mesh.

Choice 3: Type of poles to be used

When it comes to poles, you can choose between a wooden or a metal pole. A metal pole not only looks robust and sleek, but is extremely sturdy as well. The use of metal poles is recommended for fencing, garden wire mesh or harmonica wire mesh. If you want metal poles, they’ll cost between 30 and 85 dollar each. Are you looking for a more natural look? Then wooden poles may be better. These poles can be bought at a price of between 4 and 15 dollars.

Choice 4: Assembling your own mesh fence or not?

The fourth choice relates to the installation of the mesh fence. You can choose to do this yourself, but you can also have it outsourced. The latter is the most popular, especially because you don’t want the mesh fence to be skewed. Installing costs may vary from supplier to supplier, but in general the average costs are between 14 and 19 dollars per foot.

Choice 5: Possible extra options

You can also choose to add some extra options. These options may not be necessary, but they may add value.

Product Price Advantage
Top tube Between 30 & 40 dollars each improved strength.
Climbing vegetation Between 30 & 55 dollars per 59 inch Provides extra privacy and is more beautiful.
Barbed wire Between 40 & 60 dollars per 328 foot Increases security

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