Awning costs

Your own home is a precious possession. As a homeowner, you are probably constantly busy decorating your home. The entrance is the first place to begin with the outside of your house. This is the place where you and your visitors enter your home. It’s essential that the entrance is comfortable and that you can reach your home dry. This is often a problem. You can overcome the problem of wet clothing by installing an awning. We’ve checked what awnings there are and what they cost.

Why should you buy an awning

You might want to buy an awning for a number of reasons. We have listed them for you. So you know what to look for when you are buying one.

An awning against the rain. You don’t want to get wet when you and your visitors are at the front door. You can install an awning to shelter from the rain while you open the door lock. An awning against the rain is something you buy for your comfort above all else. In this case it’s a practical awning.

An awning to mount equipment underneath. It’s also possible that you want to secure your home with motion sensor with a light. It could also be that you put a security camera next to your door to check who’s there. In these cases, you need an awning where you can put equipment in or underneath. The equipment will be dray and safe.

An awning for decoration. No matter how many practical reasons there are to purchase an awning, the most common reason is beauty. That means an awning with beautiful ornaments or metal wall anchors. Such an awning is usually a bit larger and often lacquered, or in a beautiful design that suits your home. It goes without saying that beautiful ornaments have their price.

What types of awnings are there?

Awnings are available in various shapes and sizes. We have listed them for you.

Aluminium awning. This is the cheapest type of awning. It consists of an aluminium frame with a plastic plate stretched over it. This awning is mainly bought for practical reasons. This is the best choice if nothing has to be mounted on it or in it. You can buy an aluminium awning cheaply and assemble it yourself.

Stainless steel door awning. This type of awning is also primarily for practical purposes. Such an awning can be made to measure for your home or in a special design. However, this isn’t necessary. You can also choose to buy a standard model that you can assemble yourself.

Wooden door awning. If you really want to decorate your house, you can opt for a wooden door awning. These door awnings often have metal wall anchors and/or hanging irons to keep them in place. These wall anchors and/ or hangers mainly have a decorative function. A wooden door awning is usually made to measure and you can have it fitted by the supplier or by a handyman.

<h2>How much does a door awning cost? </h2>

We have looked at how much it’ll cost if you are going to buy a door awning. We came to the following findings:

What type of awning do you want to buy What are the characteristics of this type of awning For which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit
Aluminium awning Practical above all else



Per piece, including shipping, excluding assembly From 255 dollar
Stainless steel awning Practical above all else

Custom made

Design can be adapted to your needs


Per piece, including shipping, excluding assembly Between 165 and 2300 dollar
Wooden awning Practical as well as decorative awning


Always made to measure

Design can be adapted to your needs

Is installed for you

Equipment can easily be fitted thanks to its material

Per piece, including shipping and 3 hours installing Between 400 and 800 dollars for the awning plus 130 dollars for 3 hours installing


How is the price tag structured?

How much you are going to pay for an awning depends on the choices you make. We’ve listed these choices for you.

  • Choice 1: Do you buy an awning for the decorative or practical purposes? You can buy an awning for several reasons. The awnings you buy for the decoration have a much nicer finish than the awnings you buy for practical reasons. An decorative awning often comes in the color of your house. It’ll also have several hanging irons. An awning for practical use doesn’t have to be extremely beautiful. It still might. But you pay more for the more beautiful version.
  • Choice 2: Do you want extra options. If you buy an awning and would like to have lighting built in or a camera, you can have this done in the factory to ensure the fitting is as quick as possible. You pay extra for lighting and the camera.
  • Choice 3: Are you going to install it yourself or have it installed? If you’ve bought an awning, you can usually install it yourself as long as you follow the instructions. But you might not want to do it yourself. In that case you can have the awning installed. You will pay more for a handyman or construction company. Consider about 55 dollars per hour of work when one employee comes.

Practical savings tips

Requesting quotes

The quickest way to save on buying an awning and its installation is to request quotations. You can do this simply by clicking on the button below. You will immediately receive several quotations. You’re able to save as much as 30 percent.