Gas pipeline costs

Some people use gas in their homes. Before gas can be used you need a gas pipe installed. The costs of installing a gas pipeline can vary considerably. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for professionals to make a distinction between the installation of gas pipes indoors and outdoors. We would like to show you to various options for installing a gas pipeline and indicate the average costs that you should take into account. This will prevent you from having to deal with unpleasant financial surprises.

How much does a gas pipeline cost?

The price you have to pay for the installation of a gas pipeline strongly depends on several factors. To start with the fact if a gas pipeline should be installed outside or inside. This often results in a big difference in price. It’s also important to decide if you want to outsource the installation of the gas pipeline to a professional party or whether you can do parts of it yourself. In the latter case, you’ll notice that the savings can be more than considerable.

Type of work Average cost
outdoor gas pipeline between 20 & 50 dollars per 3 foot
indoor gas pipeline between 25 & 55 dollars per 3 foot

The above costs include not only the material, but also the inspection and installation. If you can install the gas pipe yourself, this can lead to considerable savings. In that case, you only need to pay for the pipes. The price for this is about 2 and 6 dollars per 11 square foot.

Choices that can influence the price of a gas pipeline

If you wish to install a gas pipeline, there are several factors that have an impact on the price for the construction of a gas pipeline. These are the following:

Choice 1: The length of the gas pipeline

On average, a gas pipeline in an normal house needs to be about 328 foot. It is also possible that this length is longer or less than you initially expected. This is influence on the price. A longer gas pipeline will increase the total price tag, but will usually result in a lower price per 3 foot. Requesting quotations for the desired length from various professionals is always recommended.

Choice 2: Do you want to install yourself or outsource the installation?

A major influence on the cost price of a gas pipeline is if you want to install it yourself or outsource it. In the first case, you can expect a price between 3 and 6 dollars per 3 foot. Do you want to have a gas pipeline installed by a real professional? In that case, the cost will be between 20 and 55 dollars, depending on the location where the gas pipe is to be installed.

Choice 3: The call-out charge

As with many other activities, when a gas pipeline is installed, so-called call-out costs are charged by the company. You have a big say in paying these call-out costs. After all, by choosing a professional from your own area you may prevent them all together. However, if you choose a professional who is further away, you’ll notice that the cost of call-out can significantly increase. Usually you pay a call-out charge of between 0.50 and 1 dollar per mile.

Interesting savings tips

For the realization of a gas pipeline in your home, it is always interesting to know that savings can be achieved on the standard price tag in various ways. We have made an overview of these various savings tips for you.

  • Do part of the work yourself. You can choose to carry out part of the work of installing a gas pipeline yourself. By installing the gas pipe yourself, the average cost per 3 foot will come down to between 3 and 6 dollars. Compared to having a gas pipeline installed by a professional, this is a very considerable difference.
  • Call on the services of a local professional. It is always beneficial to use a local professional. Because you need to pay the call-out costs regardless. These call-out costs are on average between 0.28 and 0.55 per 0.6 mile and, despite that it may not seem like much, it all ends up in the end when installing a gas pipeline. So take this into account.
  • Volume discount. Are you not the only one in your street who wants to use gas? Do you know a neighbor who is also thinking about this? In that case you are always entitled to a so-called volume discount. Such a discount of 10 percent can be earned when several parties will have a gas pipeline installed by the same company. This is subject to the condition that both parties are at a short distance from each other. Otherwise, the call-out costs might still apply.