Garden advice costs

A house is a precious thing for home owners. Many homes have a garden, which is something that not everyone knows how to deal with. Many gardens seem to be the same. They are paved, and that’s all there is to it. That’s a pity, because even someone without a passion for gardening can easily create a nice and beautiful garden. This is where garden advice comes in. Garden advice can be given by several people. There are even special garden architects who’ve made this their specialization. We are going to talk about garden advice and the costs involved.

What garden advice is there?

You can get garden advice in several ways. It all depends on the extent to which you want an exclusive garden. We look at several things when you are going to request a garden advice, and the answers to these questions often determine the final result. If you request garden advice from a garden center, you’ll usually receive an advice including all the materials you need to decorate your garden. In that case, all the materials will be supplied by the garden center. So all you have to do is look at the garden center’s merchandise to find out what your garden will look like.

Garden advice from a garden architect

If you only want garden advice but without the materials, you’ll need to visit a garden architect. He or she will consider your entire garden, including its location. Then the garden architect will make a design according to your wishes. If you wish to have a seat in the garden, or several cozy sitting areas, these will be included in the design. If you would like to have plants, he’ll also provide you with tailored planting advice. Such a tailored planting advice means that you get plants that are easy to maintain and that won’t suffocate other plants in your beds.

What are the costs for garden advice?

We looked at the costs of garden advice from various sources and came to the following conclusions.

What advice do you want Who provides the advice What are the costs of this advice
A garden plan for a garden between 1076 and 3029 square foot A garden specialist from the garden center Between 110 and 275 dollars
A garden plan for a garden between 1076 and 3029 square foot A garden architect Between 220 and 440 dollars
A garden plan for a garden of more than 1076 and 3029 square foot A garden architect On average 2 dollars per 11 square foot
A planting plan A garden architect On average 45 percent of the total cost of the garden plan


If you have green fingers. When you know your way around plants and only want a sketch of your garden with borders, then you’ll be fine with just a garden plan. Only the location of the borders is determined, not the content.

If you don’t have green fingers. If you don’t know anything about planting and you want a complete garden, including a planting plan with all the trimmings, then you should have a planting plan drawn up. The garden architect chooses plants according to your wishes, but he also looks at how easy they are to maintain.

How is the price tag of garden advice composed?

How much you pay for garden advice largely depends on the choices you make when you outsource this job. We have listed these choices for you.

  • Choice 1: How big is your garden? We assumed a garden with a size of 1076 square foot or more. This has to do with the fact that owners of a small garden often have an idea of what their garden can look like and what they would like to have in it. It’s only when a garden is large that problems arise. The larger the garden, the higher the costs of garden advice and planting plan. After all, the garden designer or garden architect will have more work to do.
  • Choice 2: Which elements do you want in your garden? You may indicate your preference in advance for the elements that you want to have incorporated into your garden. You may want to have a terrace in it, one or more extra sitting areas in your garden with different shades, but also a lawn and some pavements. The design gets more exclusive if you also want a pond in your garden. You can also opt for planted borders. These will be tailored to your taste. The more elements in a garden, the more work for the architect or designer, the more expensive the design.
  • Choice 3: Do you want a 3D sketch of your garden? You will have the best feel for whether a garden suits you when you are able to walk through it. The garden architect can make a 3D sketch of your garden. This allows you to see whether you are completely satisfied with the design, or whether you would like to see a few more changes made.
  • Choice 4: Which plants do you want. The garden architect or the garden center may put together a garden advice for you. They’ll look at your preference for certain plants. The ease of maintenance also comes into play. You pay extra for this garden advice, but the plants that you buy will look better in your garden. Valuable advice.

Practical savings tips

Visit a garden center when they have a sale going on. Garden centers and specialist shops often have a garden advisor present to give you professional quality advice at a reasonable price during holidays. They’ll usually have a discount on the plants and other garden elements that you can take advantage of as well.

Requesting quotations

The quickest way to save on gardening advice is to request quotations. You can do this very easily with one click on the button below. You will immediately receive several non-binding quotations. You may save up to 30 percent.