Laying grass costs

Would you like to add a little extra green to your garden? Are you going to put in a nice lawn? Are you still wondering what costs you need to take into account in that regard? We’d like to list them for you!

How much does laying grass cost?

Different things have a direct influence on the price that you have to take into account for the laying a lawn, namely:

Size of the lawn Average cost price of laying grass Average cost price of removing grass
Between 0 & 269 square foot About 8 dollars per 11 square foot About 3 dollars per 11 square foot
Between 280 & 538 square foot About 7 dollars per 11 square foot About 3 dollars per 11 square foot
Between 549 & 1076 square foot About 6 dollars per 11 square foot About 3 dollars per 11 square foot
Between 1087 & 2153 square foot About 5 dollars per 11 square foot About 2 dollars per 11 square foot

Lawn laying: The costs charged for laying grass are based on the size of your lawn. In the table above, we have indicated the indicative price depending on the area. In other words, if you have a 753-square-foot lawn, you can expect a price of around 380 dollars.

Remove grass: In addition to laying a lawn, you may also find yourself in a situation where the old lawn first needs to be removed. This is the case when you want to do something else with that particular bit of land. You can call in a gardener. He or she will remove the grass and clean up any remaining waste. The removal of a small lawn will cost about 3 euros per square meter. Removing a 323 square foot lawn will cost about 100 dollars.

Combination of removing and laying grass. A combination of the above is also possible, for example if you wish to have the old lawn removed and get a new one. The surface area determines the price. In other words, the larger the lawn, the lower the price per 11 square foot.

Price structure for laying grass

The price charged for laying grass basically consists of three parts. The labor costs for laying the grass are the highest. This is 45 per cent of the total cost. Removing and cleaning up are 35 percent of the costs. The remaining 20 percent are for the turfs.

Choices that influence the price of laying grass

There are always different choices to be made when it comes to laying the grass. We list the most important choices for you:

Choice 1: Laying the grass yourself or outsourcing it?

An interesting opportunity to save on laying grass is to do it yourself. You won’t have pay the hourly wage or the price per 11 square foot for a gardener, but you’ll only have to buy the turf. These are the average costs:

Size of the lawn Average price of turf per 11 square foot
Between 0 & 1076 square foot About 2 dollars
Between 1087 & 3767 square foot About 2 dollars
Between 2702 & 5382 square foot About 2 dollars

For example, do you need to buy turf for a 60 square foot lawn? That’ll cost 2 per 11 square foot. For such a project you will pay a tag of about 114 dollars. If you have this done by a professional gardener, the price will be higher. Then the costs are about 6 dollars per 11 square foot, for a total cost of 300 dollars. Although you will have to pay a lot more for the services of a gardener, you will get a lot in return, namely:

  • A gardener fertilizes, rolls and ensures that the ground is flattened.
  • The turf is cut very precisely.
  • The gardener ensures that the turf is professionally placed so that no seams are visible afterwards.
  • The soil will be pressed with a grass roller allowing the growth process to run smoothly.
  • Afterwards, the garden is always neatly tidied up so that you no longer have to worry about it yourself.

Choice 2: The size of the lawn

The size of the lawn is also important for the price. The smaller the area, the higher the price per square meter will be. Especially if you want to outsource it to a gardener, the price charged for a large area is often surprisingly cheap.

Choice 3: Replacing the old lawn or not?

Are you looking for a way to replace your existing lawn? It can happen that over the years quite a lot of moss, weeds and other dirt has affected your lawn. As grass is often difficult to repair, it’s usually better to replace the lawn. This’ll take about one day’s working time. A gardener will charge a price per 11 square foot for both the removal and the laying of new grass. By removing your existing lawn yourself, you save on this cost.

Choice 4: Possible extras

Although the options below do not always apply, they can really add value to your project.

Service Average cost Why?
Cleaning up rubbish Between 3 & 7 dollars per 269 square foot Both the old grass and any extra rubbish will be cleaned up.
Bringing soil About 10 dollars per wheelbarrow This is only applicable when a gardener needs to bring extra soil when there isn’t enough.
Any manure (2.5 kg is sufficient for an area of about 60 square meters) About 9 dollars for 2.5 kg It is recommended that your lawn is fertilized four times a year. If you have a new lawn done, the cost of this is usually already included in the price.

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