Floor heating costs

Over the years, more and more people have decided to have underfloor heating in their homes. This is a great choice, because it is not only space-saving, but also a very economical way to heat your house. Let us together have a look at the costs.

Table of the costs for underfloor heating

We can choose from a wide range of possibilities. For example, you can choose to have underfloor heating on shrink nets, but it is also possible to have underfloor heating on studded panels. What about milled underfloor heating? The table below gives you a good overview of the average cost of underfloor heating. The prices listed include installation, labor, material costs, and VAT. You only need to take into consideration that the price will be further influenced by possible travel expenses.

Additional heating Main heating Mats Milling
Up to 20 m2 Up to 10 m2 $850 $795
Up to 40 m2 Up to 20 m2 $985 $910
Up to 60 m2 Up to 30 m2 $1330 $1065
Up to 80 m2 Up to 40 m2 $1420 $1245
Up to 100 m2 Up to 50 m2 $1655 $1360
Up to 120 m2 Up to 60 m2 $2015 $1600
Up to 140 m2 Up to 70 m2 $2250 $1775
Up to 160 m2 Up to 80 m2 $2370 $1925
Up to 180 m2 Up to 90 m2 $2670 $2130
Up to 200 m2 Up to 100 m2 $2960 $2370
Up to 220 m2 Up to 110 m2 $3200 $2410
Up to 240 m2 Up to 120 m2 $3435 $2665


Decisions that influence the price of underfloor heating

Different decisions you make will affect the price tag. We have listed the most important decisions in this area for you:

Option 1: Floor insulation or not?

Firstly, you should bear in mind that to achieve the best possible return on your underfloor heating, it is crucial that your floor is adequately insulated. Often the pipes are simply milled into the concrete, so a lot of energy and therefore money is lost. The installation of floor insulation can be done in different ways. PUR Spray and insulating screed are the most common methods. For PUR spray a price between $17 and $21 per square meter should be considered. For insulating screed, this price can be between $14 and $20 per square meter.

Option 2: Pump switch or not?

A second option that can save you a considerable amount of extra money is to use a so-called pump switch. This is connected between the heating and the electricity. A pump switch ensures that the pump is automatically switched off when no heating is needed. The size of the so-called circulation pump ultimately determines the price you can save. In principle an additional saving between $95 and $160 should be achievable. For the purchase of the pump switch, you should calculate an additional price of about $83 to $105.

Option 3: HR boiler with underfloor heating

People who own an HR boiler and use underfloor heating as the main heating system would do well to equate the supply temperature of the central heating water with the temperature of the underfloor heating. About 65 to 70 degrees is sufficient. You can achieve a considerable saving of between 5 and 7 percent per year.

Option 4: Regulation of underfloor heating

It is always a good idea to have your underfloor heating regulated by a professional. Specifically, the expert will determine how much water must flow through the hose to reach a certain temperature in a certain part of the house. After all, there are various rooms spread throughout your house that require less heat than, for example, the living room. The price for this regulation (depending on the size of the system) is usually around $105.

Compare offers and save money

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