Double bar mat fencing costs

Are you looking for a way to fence your garden with an elegant yet sturdy fence? In that case, double bar fencing might be right for you. Would you like to get a good idea of the costs involved? We’re happy to list them for you!

How much does a double bar fence cost?

There are several reasons why you should place a double bar fence. Of course you want more privacy in your garden, but your home will be closed off safely as well. Please note that before buying the fence, you should take into account that different choices can have a significant impact on the price. We’ll list them for you by means of the table below.

Product Cost per 11 square foot
Single bar mat Between 11 & 50 dollars
Double bar mat Between 16 & 85 dollars
Gate 79 x 79 inch Between 520 & 630 dollars
Door Between 300 & 325 dollars (each)

In order to give you an even better idea of the costs associated with double bar fence, we have listed the following price examples for you:

As cheap as possible: Would you like to realize double bar fencing as cheaply as possible and you don’t need a gate? This doesn’t require the fence to be strong. This ensures that a single bar mat is sufficient. The costs for this are between 11 & 50 dollar per 11 square foot.

Strong fence with door: Would you like to install an extra strong fence and have a door in it as well? In that case, it’ll cost between 16 and 85 dollar per 11 square foot. The door will cost an additional 300 to 325 dollar.

Strong fence including gate: In the third and last example you’re looking for an extra strong fence including a passage that can be closed. A double bar fencing with a gate is the best choice. The costs are between 16 and 85 dollar for the fence dollar per 11 square foot. The gate will cost between 570 and 690 dollar.

Choices that affect the price of double bar fence

When buying double bar fence, it is always important to keep in mind that different choices will have a direct impact on the price you have to pay. We would like to list these choices for you.

Choice 1: Type of fence

The first choice is also a very important one and relates to the type of fencing. Do you opt for double or single bar matting? In the case of single bar mats, you choose the cheapest version of bar mat fencing. These mats do have fewer horizontal bars, which means that the meshes are larger. Single bar mat fencing is less sturdy than double bar matting. The price in this case is between 11 and 50 dollar.

But most people choose to use double bar fences nowadays. This fence is made up of mats with both horizontal and vertical bars. Not only are these extra sturdy, its looks elegant as well. The costs for double bar matting fencing are between 16 and 85 dollar.

Choice 2: Coating and galvanizing

To ensure that rust formation can be easily prevented, bar mat fencing should be galvanized. Rust will reduce the quality of the fencing significantly. In most cases the fence has already been galvanized. If not, a surcharge may apply. This is usually about 10 percent.

After galvanizing, you can also choose to coat the bar mat fence. A metal paint in the form of powder is applied to the fence. Then it will be baked in an oven. The coating ensures that your fence looks beautiful and lasts longer as well. Your fence’s coating will ensure that it’ll be completely maintenance-free.

Choice 3: Have it assembled or do it yourself?

The third choice is one that is actually very easy to make. Do you choose to install your own fence or are you going to outsource it? Your fence has to stand up straight and that’s why most people decide to have someone do it for them. If you are on the same page, having a fence installed for you will cost between 8 and 25 dollar per 3 foot.

Choice 4: Extra options

Although the options below are not necessary for your double bar fence, they may add something.

Product Price Advantage
Reed mats through fence braiding Between 30 & 60 dollars per 11 square foot Extra privacy
Climbing vegetation Between 40 & 60 dollars per 328 foot More privacy combined with a more beautiful appearance.
Barbed wire Between 40 & 60 dollars per 328 foot Provides better security

Interesting savings tips

It is possible to reduce the price of double bar fence in many different ways. We’ve listed a few interesting savings tips for you:


  • Quantity discount. Perhaps you aren’t the only one who’s thinking about installing double bar fences, but your neighbor as well? In that case you can both benefit from a so-called volume discount. This discount depends on the company of your choice, but can add up to 10 percent.
  • Do the preparatory work yourself. A second interesting saving tip is to carry out the preparatory work yourself. In other words, remove the old fence and ask the installer if you can help with placing the fence. You’ll not only save him time, but it’ll save you money.

Compare quotes and save money

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