Floor removal costs

Your own home is a project that will probably take up a lot of your time. When you want to re-cover the floors of your home, you’ll quickly get to an unpleasant part: removing the old floor covering. This is a job that is quite sticky and difficult to do. Because many people would prefer to outsource this job, we’ve looked at the cost of having the floor removed for you.

Why do you need to have your old floor removed

When you want to lay a new floor covering, you’ll have to remove the old floor covering first. When it comes to glued floor coverings, many people will be tempted to lay a hard floor covering on top of it. However, this is not always recommended. We’ll give you a number of arguments why you should have old floor covering removed.

Removal for hygiene reasons. Old floor covering will have been in your home for years. It may even have belonged to previous residents. Over the years, it has been constantly overlooked. Maybe there have been dirty accidents with the floor covering like a pet urinating on it. You don’t want to leave that in your house when you lay a new carpet. It’s better to have the old floor removed and a subfloor laid before you apply the new floor covering.

You don’t know what’s under the old carpet. A home floor doesn’t always have to be regular. If a carpet is glued, you don’t know what’s underneath it. The underlay can simply be very irregular, which means that the new floor covering will feel even more slanted or uneven. You’d want to avoid this.

Remove because there’ s no other way. If you want to add new carpet to a staircase with carpet glued on it, then removing the old carpet is not even an option. You just need to get rid of the old carpet. After all, a new layer of carpet must be applied directly to the stairs.

Have it removed to avoid getting stuck with glue residue. You can have an old floor removed by a specialist company or by a flooring technician. The reason for this is that you won’t end up with unwanted excess glue residues. Glue residues ensure that the new floor covering cannot be applied evenly. Professional removal is therefore the only option.

How much do you pay to remove a floor covering?

We asked several flooring specialist how much it would cost if you wanted to have the floor removed before a new floor covering is installed. We’ve come to the following rates.

What product or service Per which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit
Removal of glued floor covering on the floor Per 3 square foot Between 6 and 7 dollars
Removal of glued floor covering on stairs Per 3 square foot Between 8 and 9 dollars
Removal of glue residues from floor or stairs Per 3 square foot Between 4 and 6 dollars
Removal of loose floor covering Per 3 square foot Between 3 and 4 dollars

If you’re handy. If you are a bit of a DIY-specialist and you have a trailer, you can take the old floor covering yourself. This will save you part of the cost of removing the old floor covering, because the removal of the floor covering is included in the above costs.

If you are not handy. If you’re not handy and you don’t have a trailer, you can leave the whole job of removing and disposing of your old floor covering to the parquet installer. You’ll then pay the price as mentioned above.

How is the price tag composed?

How much you pay for the removal of floor coverings is up to you on the basis of the choices you make. We have listed them for you.

  • Choice 1: Remove the old floor covering or have the old floor covering removed. You can choose to remove the old floor covering yourself and then remove the glue residues with a paint stripper. Remember, however, that paint stripper is some expensive stuff and that you must wear good protective clothing during this job. The costs will increase and it does get close to having old carpets removed.
  • Option 2: How is the floor covering glued together? It’s very difficult to remove if the floor covering has been glued across the full width. A lot of glue residue has to be removed by the floor specialist. But if nailed edges and a glued seam was used, the floor specialist needs less time with it. In that case it’ll be cheaper.
  • Choice 3: If it concerns a floor or a staircase. Having the floor covering removed from a staircase is something you’d want a company to do. You don’t want to have the glue residue under your new carpet, because you will never get a nice, even result. You can still lay the floor carpet yourself afterwards.
  • Choice 4: What type of floor covering should be removed. One type of floor covering has a foam underlay so that, in addition to glue residues, there is also foam residue left on your underlay. This is particularly laborious for the floor specialist. If the old floor covering had a woven surface, this’ll be easier to remove.

Practical savings tips

Do a part yourself. You can dispose of the old carpet yourself if you have a trailer. This makes a difference on the invoice.

Requesting quotations

The quickest way to save on the removal of your old floor is to request quotations. You can do this very easily with one click on the button below. You can request several quotations to compare, without any obligation. Comparing these quotations may save you up to 45 percent.