Cockroaches control costs

Cockroaches can spread very quickly and are also very hard to fight. In addition, cockroaches leave the general impression that a house is not clean. On top of that, Cockroaches are carriers of all kinds of bacteria and fungi, which not only makes them very dirty, but also harmful to your health. Do you have to deal with cockroaches in your home and would you like to fight them? Are you looking for actual price information? In that case you’ll find everything you need to know on this page!

How much does fighting cockroaches cost?

The price for controlling cockroaches strongly depends on the complexity of the control. In any case, when you see a cockroach walking around, it’s recommended that you immediately call in a professional pest control officer. After all, professionals have very strong pesticides that ensure that cockroaches disappear like snow melts in the sun. The table below shows some costs for cockroach control.

Type of control Average cost
Combating cockroaches About 110 dollar
Combating cockroach plague About 175 dollar

The costs as indicated in the table above is a good indication which price you need to pay to combat cockroaches. However, there is more. In order to give you a concrete indication of the cost price for your situation, we’ve listed three concrete examples.

Cheapest situation. If you act swiftly, you may get the cheapest possible price. After all, cockroaches are known to spread very quickly. A female cockroach has up to 30 offspring. If you arrive early enough and the cockroaches, when they’re still relatively easy to combat, it’ll cost between 80 and 95 dollars.

Most common situation. If you do not spot one, but several cockroaches, there is a very good chance there’ll be lots of cockroaches in your home. The average cost of fighting cockroaches is about 110 dollars. By using strong pesticides, a professional not only ensures that the cockroach situation itself is dealt with, but it’ll also deal with the eggs. This way you can be absolutely sure that your cockroach problem is a thing of the past.

Extensive situation. In some cases there are so many cockroaches in a house that it almost becomes uninhabitable. In this case the cockroaches are no longer limited to a single room, but cause nuisance throughout the entire house. You have a real cockroach plague on your hands. Depending on the seriousness of the plague, we’re talking of a cost price of about 175 dollars.

Combating the price structure of cockroaches

The price charged for cockroach control consists of two parts. We distinguish between the labor costs, which account for 65% of the total costs. The remaining 35% goes to the materials that have to be purchased in order to be able to carry out the control. The fact that labor costs are so high at 65 per cent, means that you always have the opportunity to save by comparing the various professionals who offer such services. A comparison can save you up to 25 percent on the total cost price and that’s a nice bonus!

Choices that affect the cost price of cockroaches

When you are going to combat cockroaches in your home, it is always important to remember that different choices can affect the cost price. These are the choices:

Choice 1: Fighting or outsourcing yourself?

Do you still have doubts if you want to have the cockroaches taken care of by a professional or if you’d want to do this yourself? We can only advise against fighting cockroaches ourselves. Why? Very simple. Of all the types of pests that exist, cockroaches are the most difficult to control by yourself. You have to use products that only trained professionals know how to handle. Outsourcing the control of cockroaches is therefore always a must.

Choice 2: The method used

Combating cockroaches in your home can be done in different ways:

Glue traps: Glue traps are placed by a specialist on locations where cockroaches are hiding. Think about the space behind the fridge, but also the stove or behind electronic devices. Glue traps are popular because it’s a non-toxic method.

Chemical pesticides: These agents are used when glue traps do not work efficiently enough. The active ingredient used in this method is the so-called permethrin. It is highly toxic, which means that only a professional should use it.

Interesting savings tips

Getting rid of cockroaches with the help of a professional is something that will cost you money. Fortunately, these costs can be reduced, for example by using the saving tips below. By using these saving tips you will notice that fighting cockroaches becomes a lot more financially interesting.

Fighting together. Are you not the only one in the street with a problem with pests and does your neighbor also have to deal with cockroaches? Then choose to have them combated together. This allows for an interesting volume discount, not in the least because you’ll only have to pay one call-out charge.

Compare quotations. The first tip we can give you is to compare quotations. As already mentioned, requesting multiple quotations from different parties ensure that you’ll save quite a bit and that’s always a nice bonus.