Interior painters’ fees

Can your ceiling use a new coat of paint or do you want to give the walls in your house a new color? And above all, are you not ready to undertake this work by yourself? In this case, it is always a great idea to outsource the painting to a real craftsman. Let us have a look at the cost!

How much does an interior painting cost?

The interior painter can charge you in several ways. For example, a price per hour can be used, although they could also go with a price per square meter. If we have a look at the average hourly rate for an interior painter, we can see that it is between $40 and $47. The price per square meter is usually between $35 and $40. This price is explained in more detail in the table below:

Type of interior painting Average cost
Upper limit $235-$1725
Doors $950-$1125
Staircase $355-$830
Window frames $475-$2130


If you do not want any of the above paints but want a new coat of paint applied to the walls of your apartment, you might need to consider other tariffs. Please note the following prices:

Painting a wall in a house Average cost
Wall painting: 15 square meters $240 – $310
Wall painting: 30 square meters $500 – $640
Wall painting: 60 square meters $950 – $1300


Decisions that can affect the price of interior painting

When looking to hire an interior painter to paint your home, it is always good to keep in mind that various factors could affect the price tag for interior painting. Some of them are:

Option 1: Combination of different painting works

There is a great chance that different parts of your house will need to be painted. Do not only think of the ceiling, doors, or stairs, but also of the window frames and the walls! If you decide to combine different indoor painting works, you can ensure that the costs can be considerably reduced without compromising on the quality.

Option 2: The type of paint

Different types of paint can be used to paint the different parts in your house. The quality of the paint used will ultimately be decisive. It is exactly this quality that will ensure that the result will be as optimal as possible in the long run. You should bear in mind that the type of paint used always depends on the surface. An interior painter can give you excellent advice on what type of paint to choose.

Option 3: Combination of interior and exterior painting works

Perhaps, you may need a coat of paint on the outside of your house? In this case, it is important to check beforehand whether the interior painter of your choice can equally handle outdoor painting works or not. You should always remember that the cost of painting the outside of a house is more expensive than painting the inside of the house. The hourly rate for an outdoor painter is between $45 and $60. The price per square meter is between $40 and $45.

Interesting saving tips

Painting the inside of your house can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money. We have listed some of the most interesting saving tips for you:

Winter painters. It is common knowledge that the period during which the painting work is done can determine the price you will be charged for it. If you want to reduce the costs of painting indoors (and outdoors) as much as possible, it is always a great idea to contact a so-called winter painter. This makes the work much cheaper!

Quantity discount. Finally, does your neighbor also need to have some painting works done at his/her house? In this case it will be great to outsource the work together to the same painter. This entitles you to an interesting quantity discount of sometimes more than 10 percent.