Floor insulation costs

Nowadays, every homeowner finds it particularly important that his home is optimally insulated. In most cases they only choose to insulate the roof and walls, while floor insulation can be crucial to prevent heat loss. Are you also planning to improve the insulation of your home and would you like to invest in floor insulation? However, would you’d like to get a good idea of the average cost of floor insulation? Then don’t hesitate any longer, read on and discover everything about investing in floor insulation for your home.

How much does floor insulation cost?

The most important question will relate to the cost of floor insulation. How much is charged for the installation of floor insulation depends on various factors. For example, floor insulation can be installed on either the top or the bottom. The installation can also be outsourced or you can take care of it yourself. An average cost of about 35 dollars per 11 square feet is charged for the outsourcing of floor insulation.

Number of square feet of floor insulation Average cost price
484 square feet About 1.465 dollars
538 square feet About 1.630 dollars
592 square feet About 1.800 dollars
753 square feet About 2.285 dollars

The costs shown in the table above include material, labor and machine costs.

Why invest in floor insulation?

As mentioned in the introduction to this page, in most cases the owners of a house choose to invest in insulation for the roof and walls. It is often thought that in this way all heat loss can be stopped, but that isn’t the case, on the contrary. Especially if your house has a crawl space, it is very important to insulate it. By installing insulation, you ensure that the cold from the crawl space can no longer enter the house. This invariably leads to a nice saving on the energy bill and, moreover, you’ll notice that the living environment will also be considerably improved as a result. It should be clear by now that an investment in floor insulation is an absolute must if you want to achieve the best possible saving on the energy bill.

Possible additional costs for installing floor insulation

When floor insulation is installed on the underside of the floor, an insulation layer of an average of 12 inch is applied in the crawl space. In practice, this will always result in a higher overall cost regarding the total area of the floor to be insulated. Please note that when it concerns a wooden floor, you should always take into account that the beams on the underside should also be insulated. This extra work can also further increase the cost of floor insulation.


Floor insulation for underfloor heating? Absolutely!

A lot has been said and written about it over the years, namely about the combination of underfloor heating and floor insulation. According to many people, it’s not interesting to use floor insulation with underfloor heating. The underlying reason why this wouldn’t be interesting is not that sound. It’s perfectly feasible to insulate your floor, even (or perhaps especially) when using underfloor heating. If ordinary radiators are used in your home, the heat loss through the floor itself is relatively limited. This is not the case when underfloor heating is used because the heat source is already very close to the ground. This ensures that the generated hot air can find its way out through the ground much more quickly, with all the consequences that this entails. By insulating the floor when underfloor heating is used, a saving on the energy bill of 15 percent can be achieved. Also see: floor insulation costs.

Interesting savings tips

Insulating a home is a job that can cost a lot of money. However, many people do not realize that this investment is particularly lucrative when looking at it long term. The price of energy goes up every year, which means that the cost for the homeowner is growing and increasing. However, by providing good insulation, it is possible to nip this extra cost in the bud. You’ll have a house with a pleasant indoor climate and you can also save a lot of money. Do you also want to get floor insulation, but are you still looking for a number of possibilities to reduce the cost of this investment? We’ve listed three very interesting savings tips for you!

Combining insulation work. Before investing in floor insulation, it is always a good idea to check which parts of your home have already been insulated and which haven’t. Do you have a crawl space that has not yet been insulated, but also a cavity wall? In that case it can be interesting to have both parts of your house insulated at the same time. You can save twice on heat loss, and this at a cheaper price.

Install the floor insulation yourself. The third and final saving tip we can give you is to install the floor insulation yourself instead of outsourcing the job. Installing the floor insulation yourself can provide an attractive saving, but on the other hand you have to take into account the possible purchase or rental of certain machines. For this reason, it is always important to properly compare the difference between installing the floor insulation yourself and having it installed.