Cavity wall insulation costs

Insulating the cavity wall of your house can prevent a lot of heat loss. This is why more and more people are choosing to have their cavity wall insulated. Are you planning to do the same, but would you first like to get a good idea of the average cost of such work? We’ve listed the average costs for insulating a cavity wall in detail for you.

How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

You can’ t have cavity wall insulated without first making a choice from the various types of materials. In general, and in comparison with many other forms of insulation, we can safely say that cavity wall insulation is a relatively inexpensive form of insulation. We’ve listed the average costs of cavity wall insulation per type of house in the table below.

Type of house Glass wool Rock wool Insulation granules polyurethane foam
Apartment 230 – 340 dollar 285 – 400 dollar 320 – 425 dollar 535 – 645 dollar
Townhouse 560 – 700 dollar 610 – 755 dollar 645 – 810 dollar 970 – 1.300 dollar
Corner house 720 – 880 dollar 775 – 940 dollar 810 – 970 dollar 1.200 – 1.500 dollar
Detached house 1.230 – 1.340 dollar 1.300 – 1.500 dollar 1.500 – 1.735 dollar 2.500 – 2.825 dollar

The price structure of cavity wall insulation

If we take a closer look at the price structure of cavity wall insulation, we can see that at 65%, labor costs are by far the highest. 30 per cent of the costs are reserved for the material used and the remaining 5 per cent goes towards the costs of using an insulating machine.

The fact that the labor costs of insulating the cavity wall are so high may, at first sight, be a thorn in the side of many people, but it also has a certain advantage to it. After all, it’s much easier to save on labor costs than it is to save, for example, on the purchase price of the insulation material. Just by comparing the price between different companies that can insulate cavity walls, it is possible to make an interesting saving on insulating cavity walls.

Choices that influence the cost price of cavity wall insulation

If you wish to have cavity wall insulation installed in your home, there are various choices that can have a significant impact on the cost price. We’ve made an extensive list of these various choices for you:

Choice 1: Cavity wall or not?

The first choice is not really a real choice, but it is extremely important. You have to ask yourself whether or not your house has a cavity wall. Older houses usually don’t have a cavity wall. Newer houses may have a cavity, but it’s not uncommon for it to be insulated already. If your house doesn’t have a cavity wall, there are still options to insulate. You can still insulate your facade for example. However, the use of real wall insulation is considerably more expensive. The cost price for this usually starts somewhere around of 8,720 dollars.

Choice 2: The type of insulation material

You can choose from various options for cavity wall insulation. Each type of insulation material has its own advantages. Rock wool and glass wool, for example, are more fireproof and have a better sound-absorbing effect compared to other insulation materials. The most important advantage of insulating granules is that they can be used with different façades and they have a very durable character. We’ve listed the average costs per type of insulation material:

Type of insulation Average cost price
Glass wool About 9 dollars per 11 square feet
Rock wool About 10 dollars per 11 square feet
Insulation pellets About 11 dollars per 11 square feet
polyurethane foam About 28 dollars per 11 square feet

Choice 3: Combination of various insulation types

A house doesn’t only consist of a cavity wall that needs to be insulated. Different parts of a house that are not insulated can therefore be responsible for a considerable amount of heat loss. If you want to do something about this, you can insulate the different parts of your house in one go. This means that you’ll have to pay a large amount of money at once, but you’ll notice that in the long run it always turns out to be the best investment. By having several parts of your house insulated at the same time, the total price is reduced considerably.

Choice 4: Extra options for cavity wall insulation

You can always have extra work carried out on cavity wall insulation. We have also collected these different options for you and put them in an overview.


Type of option Average cost
Impregnation of the facade About 930 dollars per facade
Installation of ventilation grilles Between 20 & 70 dollar each
Central heating About 6,800 dollars (incl. radiators)

Interesting savings tips

Do you want to insulate the cavity wall of your house, but would you still like to make a nice saving on the standard costs? You can do this by using the following, interesting savings tips.

Investing together with the neighbors. Aren’t you the only one who wants to invest in cavity wall insulation and do your neighbors have the same idea? In that case, it is always interesting to do the job together. This is the only way to ensure that the cost price of installing cavity wall insulation is kept as low as possible. You can quickly save up to 10 percent.

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