Pergola costs

Are you planning to have a beautiful pergola or perhaps a terrace roof placed in your garden? That’s definitely a good idea! By putting a pergola in your garden you’ll get a nice, cozy place where you can enjoy in the shade. You can also add a natural touch to your pergola by allowing plants to grow on it. Would you like to know exactly how much such a pergola costs? We have listed the prices for you!

How much does a pergola cost?

Are you convinced by the many advantages of putting a pergola in the garden? In that case you’d want to have an idea of the costs involved. The exact cost price depends on several factors. Not only of the size of the pergola, but also the used materials.

Product Average cost price
Polycarbonate pergola Between 820 & 2.125 dollars
Wooden pergola Between 600 & 2.670 dollars
Aluminium pergola Between 1.365 & 5.395 dollars
Installation costs Between 45 & 100 dollars per 11 square foot

Pergola with a natural look. If you are looking for a pergola with a natural look, a wooden pergola is an interesting choice. Wood is a natural material giving your garden its natural appearance. A wooden pergola will cost between 600 & 2670 dollars. Please note that the price of a wooden pergola depends on the type of wood used as well as the size of the pergola.

Pergola with a modern look. If you have a modern home there’s a good chance that you’d rather have a modern-style pergola. The pergola will perfectly match the style of your home. That makes aluminium pergolas very popular. An aluminum pergola will cost between 1,365 & 5,395 dollars.

Affordable pergola with a modern look. Are you looking for a modern pergola, but you think an aluminium one is too expensive? You can buy a pergola that is made of the plastic polycarbonate. The prices for these pergolas are between 820 & 2,125 dollars.

Choices that influence the price of a pergola

When you want to buy a pergola you always have to make different choices. These choices will determine the price.

Choice 1: What material should the pergola be?

In most cases people choose to have a wooden pergola. This type of pergola is not only perfect to integrate in any garden, it also has a natural look. A wooden pergola just needs more maintenance compared to the aluminium version. The price of a wooden pergola also depends on the type of wood you want. Hardwood including beech and oak, is considerably more expensive than softwood such as impregnated pinewood. The cost price of wooden pergolas is between 600 & 2,670 dollars.


If you want a modern looking pergola cheaply, there are polycarbonate pergolas. An important advantage of this plastic lies in the fact that it stops UV and infrared radiation. This prevents the furniture underneath from discoloring. Moreover, plastic is characterized by its low weight, which means that you need to buy fewer support poles. The prices for a pergola made of polycarbonate are between 820 & 2,125 dollars.

A modern pergola can also be made of aluminium. The main advantage of this lies in the fact that it requires hardly any maintenance. Aluminium has a very long lifespan and is ecologically sound. Unfortunately, there is also a drawback. Compared to a wooden pergola you can’t customize that much. An aluminium pergola will cost between 1,365 & 5,395 dollars.

Choice 2: Freestanding pergola or not?

A pergola can be placed in two different ways. You can choose a freestanding pergola or you can choose to mount it on the wall. A freestanding pergola has four legs and can be put up anywhere in the garden. A pergola that is put up on a wall has only two legs, and has to be fixed to the wall on one side. A freestanding pergola is more expensive than a pergola that is put on a wall.

Choice 3: Type of roof covering

You can leave the top of your pergola open, but you can also cover it. This can be done with a roof or glass. In terms of fabrics, there are several possibilities. The most popular are the waterproof harmonica cloths. Not only do these cloths provide shade, they can also keep your furniture dry when it rains. Glass will let light through into the pergola. It goes without saying that a pergola with a glass roof covering is more expensive than one with a cloth as roof covering.

Choice 4: Possible extra options

The following options may not be necessary, but they can certainly add value to your pergola.

Product Average cost Why?
Climbing vegetation Between 30 & 55 dollars per 60 inch For a greener and more natural appearance
Different color Between 85 & 110 dollars only possible with wooden pergolas

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