Exterior painter costs

It is possible that after a while the exterior painting of your home has been significantly affected by time. In that case, you will undoubtedly want to breathe new life into it. Don’t want to want to do the painting yourself, but would like to outsource this work to an outdoor painter? Would you like to have a clear picture of the average costs charged by an exterior painter first? You can check the costs below.

How much does an outdoor painter cost?

The cost price charged by an exterior painter can be charged in two different ways. There’s a fixed price per hour or per 11 square foot. With small projects it’s possible that you’ll get a price for just that job. The exact costs charged always depend on the nature of the painting work. As this price may differ, we’ve listed the various possibilities including their cost price for you.

Cost price exterior painter wood

Price Average cost price
Per 3 square feet Between 30 & 55 dollar per 11 square foot
Per hour Between 45 & 60 dollars per hour


Cost price exterior painter wall

Price Average cost price
Per 3 square feet Between 20 & 30 dollars per 11 square foot
Per hour Between 40 & 60 dollars per hour


Cost price outdoor painter other

Price Average cost price
Per 3 square feet Between 40 & 45 dollars per 11 square foot
Per hour Between 50 & 60 dollars per hour


Smaller projects tend to be priced per 11 square foot. Very small projects will simply have a fixed price. Is it a really large project, preventing the painter from having a good idea of the full working hours that will be involved? In that case he’ll choose to charge an hourly rate. We’ve listed the average cost price for some specific outdoor painting works.


Type of outdoor painting Average cost price
Painting the front door About 135 dollars
Painting the back door About 75 dollars
Painting window frames About 30 dollars
Painting apartment Between 1.200 & 2.300 dollars
Painting terraced house Between 1,750 & 3,380 dollars
Painting corner house Between 3,380 & 6,500 dollars
Detached house Between 6.650 & 13.200 dollars

Factors that influence the cost price of an exterior painter

The standard cost price charged by an exterior painter is subject to all kinds of factors. Obviously, we’ve collected them for you and put them in a good overview:

Choice 1: The material used

When it comes to exterior painting, the costs always depend on the materials used by the painter. If the exterior painter needs to paint on the fifth floor of a building, it might be useful for him to have scaffolding. If you decide to use an exterior painter who specializes in doing small jobs, there is a particularly good chance that he doesn’t have such equipment at his disposal. So pay close attention to whoever you want to work with.

Choice 2: Type of paint used

An outdoor painter can use different types of paint. Certain types of paint are better able to withstand the effects of the weather. In the majority of cases, Alkyd paint is chosen for outdoor painting. This is an oil-based paint that is known to provide excellent coverage. We’ve already listed the various types of paint including their average cost price.

Type of paint Average cost price
Opaque lacquer paint Between 16 & 50 dollars
Latex for outdoor use Between 14 & 23 dollars
Alkyd paint Between 23 & 45 dollars
Primer Between 30 & 55 dollars
Stain and lacquer Between 30 & 65 dollars
Acrylic paint Between 35 & 55 dollars

Choice 3: Combining paintwork

It’s perfectly possible to have every part of your home (if it concerns outdoor painting) painted by an exterior painter. If more than one part needs to be painted, it might be worthwhile to combine these different parts instead of having them painted individually over a longer period of time. You’ll be able to get a better deal out of it.

Interesting saving tips

Would you also like to have one or more outdoor painting jobs carried out by an exterior painter? But you’d want to get the best possible price for these jobs? Then these saving tips might help you!

  • Good maintenance prevents high costs. When you want to be sure that the costs for the outdoor painting are kept as low as possible, you need to have the paint maintained on a regular basis. This will prevent the paintwork from showing signs of wear and tear, preventing high costs.
  • Preliminary work should be carried out by yourself. If you want to realize a nice (extra) saving on the outside painting, a sensible choice is always to carry out the preliminary work yourself. Not only the surface cleaning, but sanding and taping as well. If you decide to do the preliminary work yourself, you can save up to about 30 dollars on the invoice of your exterior painter.
  • Comparing different quotations. Despite the fact that the price of an exterior painter is more or less the same, there might be differences between them. Keep in mind that the cost price charged by an exterior painter is often in line with the experience he has. More experience in this respect always means a higher price, but a better quality as well.