Garage repair costs

For many people, their home is their most precious asset – with their cars often coming in second place! It is not for nothing that more and more people are choosing a garage where they can park their car. We have looked at the costs of repairing a garage for you.

Replacing the garage door

One part that is subject to enormous wear and tear is the garage door. After all, it opens and closes several times in a day. A garage door will therefore break down at some point. The garage door’s material might still be ok, but the mechanism that opens and closes the garage door could be broken. This by itself is not that bad. You can now use a technique that did not exist when you built your garage. We will tell you more about it later.

Repairing a leak on the roof

Your garage is undoubtedly made with a bitumen roof. This is a roof covering that requires little maintenance but has a limited life span. A bitumen roof will therefore eventually leak. If you discover a leak in your garage, alarm bells will probably ring. You must act accordingly, however, it will cost less than you initially feared.

How much does it cost to repair your garage?

We have looked at the costs you will incur if you are to have your garage repaired. We came to the following conclusions.

Which product or service are you purchasing? Per what unit the price is calculated The price per unit
New garage door, manual, 2500 x 2500 cm Each, except for assemblage From $850
New garage door, automatic Each, excluding installation $1000-$1070
New garage door, automatic and with remote control Each, including hand transmitter, but without installation $1070-$1200
Replace garage roof. Bitumen. Per square meter, without labor $6-$11
Replace garage roof. Bitumen. Per square meter, including installation and including VAT From $48


If you hire someone to do the job for you instead of doing it yourself, you pay an hourly rate of between $36-$55 for this work.

What does the price tag of a garage repair consist of?

How much you pay for the repair of your garage depends on your decisions you opt for. We have listed these choices for you.

Option 1: What is defective in your garage. The type of defect in your garage largely determines the price. If the mechanism of the garage door is defective, you will need to buy a new door including the system, even if the door itself is still good. After all, a similar mechanism might, in most cases, no longer be available for sale. The replacement of a roof results in a price per square meter. If you have an 18 square meter garage, you will then have to pay 18 times 40€ (720€ in total) to have your roof repaired.

Option 2: What materials are used to repair your garage?

-If you want a garage door with a simple manual mechanism, the cost will be lower if you install it yourself. However, if you choose a garage door with one or two remote controls, you will then need to spend a few more hundreds of USD.

– If you have a bitumen roof, you will lose 40€ per square meter if you hire a roofer. PVC roofing is much cheaper. But you must also remember that PVC has a shorter life span.

Option 3: How big is your garage? The cost of repairing a garage also depends on the size of your garage. A garage of 6 x 3 meters is the standard, but it is also possible to have a double garage of 6 x 6 meters with two doors. Thus, the size is important.

Option 4: Have an interior door installed immediately. A garage repair can also be a reason to have your garage completely overhauled. You can choose to have an interior door installed. This is an extra convenience that was not installed in garages few years back. The construction of an interior door is associated with costs. How much these costs will be, will have to be discuss with the building contractor, as they vary depending on the situation.

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