Garden jacuzzi costs

Your own garden is a precious possession for homeowners. You can design your own garden in any way you want. When you are done with the terrace and lawn, it is time to go beyond. Many people have a jacuzzi on their wish list. This means that they have a Jacuzzi in their backyard that they have bought new, or second-hand on an online marketplace. A jacuzzi is a costly purchase. We looked at the costs of a garden jacuzzi for you and came to the following findings.

  • A small jacuzzi. If you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard but you still want a jacuzzi, you’ll have to look at the smaller models. The size of a jacuzzi for 2 to 3 people is about 84 by 60 inch, and the total height is 33 inch. This model of jacuzzi basically fits in every backyard. You have to take into account that you’ll lose some extra space for the stairs, the pump and the filter.
  • A medium-sized jacuzzi. You can pick a 6 person model when you have a medium-sized backyard. The size of such a jacuzzi are about 100 by 80 inch. The height is 33 inch. This also includes a pump, a filter, and perhaps even more than one staircase. If you want to enjoy the bubbles in your jacuzzi with more than just one person, you don’t want to wait too long to get into the water.
  • A large size jacuzzi. If you have the space for it, and a large family or a group of friends as well, you can also opt for a swimming jacuzzi. This is a combination of a jacuzzi and a swimming pool. You literally get the best of both worlds. The dimensions of such a jacuzzi can be considerable. Consider a size of 232 by 87 inch with a height of 53 inch. Larger sizes are also possible.

How much does a jacuzzi cost?

We checked for you how much a jacuzzi may cost, as well as the cost for having it installed.

Which product do you want to buy the dimensions of the product Cost of the product
Small Jacuzzi for up to 3 people Average at 84 by 60 by 33 inch Between 3135 and 7620 dollar
Medium-size Jacuzzi for up to 6 people Average 84 by 60 by 33 inch Between 3135 and 7620 dollar
Large size jacuzzi or swimming jacuzzi Average 232 by 87 by 53 inch Between 11980 and 38140 dollar
Installing jacuzzi with crane between 330 and 655 dollars including crane rental


If you want a jacuzzi just to sit in. If you only buy a jacuzzi to sit in, then you should consider how many people you’ll want in it. A large jacuzzi will be very expensive. If you only have 2 people, you’ll it’ll be much cheaper.

If you want to have a swimming pool in addition to a jacuzzi. If you also want to be able to swim in a jacuzzi, you can opt for a swimming jacuzzi. You have the best of both worlds.

How is the price of a jacuzzi composed?

How much you pay for your jacuzzi is largely up to you on the basis of the choices you make. We have listed these choices for you.

  • Choice 1: How big do you want your jacuzzi to be? If you want a small model of jacuzzi where you can relax with your family but which is not extremely large, you can opt for a small or medium sized model of jacuzzi. However, if you want a large jacuzzi, possibly with a swimming pool, which can be used by many friends at the same time, then a large model might be an interesting option. The size of a jacuzzi is not the only thing that determines the price.
  • Choice 2: Which functions do you want in your jacuzzi? You can buy a jacuzzi that only gives bubbles, but you can also buy a jacuzzi model with more luxurious options. For example, you can choose a jacuzzi with one or more jets. These are massage jets. You can choose the number of jets in your pool. This often starts with 5 to 6 jets, but it can easily go up to 50 jets.
  • Choice 3: Would you like luxury options in your jacuzzi. Of course you can add luxury options to your jacuzzi. Think about built-in music systems or a built-in fridge.
  • Choice 4: Which finish do you want with your Jacuzzi. You can choose to buy a jacuzzi with a simple plastic housing, but also with an exclusive teak wood cladding. It’s just what you prefer.
  • Choice 5: Would you like a cover for your jacuzzi? A jacuzzi requires a lot of maintenance. Dirt falls into your jacuzzi from the outside. You have to remove leaves from the trees and bird droppings every time you want to get into your jacuzzi. A canopy is the solution in that case. This canopy can be purchased starting from 2725 dollars. If you buy a simple plastic canopy, this’ll cost about 1100 dollars.

Practical savings tips

Buy your jacuzzi from a local supplier. A significant part of the invoice for your jacuzzi consists of transport and installation costs. A local supplier will have to travel a shorter distance, which makes it a bit cheaper.

Requesting quotations

The quickest way to save on the purchase of your jacuzzi is to request quotations. You can do this with one click of the button below. This is without any obligation. You’ll receive several quotations directly in your mailbox. You can save up to 30 percent.