Bathroom renovation costs

Do you have an existing bathroom, but it’s become obsolete over the years? Would you like to have it renovated? In that case, you want to get a good idea of the average costs first. The costs charged for such a project may largely depend on your personal wishes, but on this page we would like to list the most important costs for you, allowing you to get a good idea of the financial resources that you need for such a renovation.

Price structure bathroom renovation

Let’s start with the price structure of a bathroom. As you can see, most of the parts of a bathroom consist of the bath followed by the walls. Now that you have a general idea of the breakdown of the prices, we’ll explain the prices specifically in the next section.

New bathroom costs

The price for a standard (basic) bathroom will be around $ 4,360, – (can be as much as 12,000, -dollar), while for more luxurious bathrooms it’ll quickly rise to double or even triple that, about 15,350, – to 27,250, – dollar. For wellness bathrooms with, for example, a sauna or hot tub, you’ll quickly pay $ 27,250. Of course there are cheaper and more expensive bathrooms, but most bathrooms will be around the mentioned amounts. The following two costs are usually overlooked:

Building materials and plumbing materials: many people are wrong about this cost item. It’s wiser to buy cheaper cranes and more expensive glue than the other way around. Building and plumbing materials will be between 650 and 1900 dollars.

Installation costs: in addition to the costs mentioned above, the installation costs are probably the highest. It is important that your bathroom is professionally renovated if you want a proper result. You can count on a renovation time of 12 to 20 working days. This of course depends on the size. It’s cheaper to renovate the bathroom yourself, but that’s not a sensible thing for most people. If you want to outsource the renovation, as a rule of thumb, you’ll spend about as much on the outsourcing as you are on the cost of the materials. The installation of a standard bathroom will cost you about 4360 to 5450 dollars which means in total it’ll cost 9800 to 10,900 dollars. A luxury bathroom this ratio is somewhat lower, with the installation price between 9,270, – dollar and 11,450, – dollar.

Set your budget

However, you will have to decide for yourself what your budget is. It may be wise to ask for quotations before you start, to see if your wishes are feasible for the budget, ensuring that you get the work done properly.

If it turns out that the requirements are too high, it may be advisable to proceed with the renovation of an existing bathroom, or to settle for less. See also: toilet renovation.

average cost of bathroom

Option Total average price * The total price depends on:
Total bathroom renovation (97 ft2) $ 2.600 – $ 9.500 Choices in sanitation
Bath $ 700 – $ 2.400 Simple or luxurious?
Shower $ 450 – $ 1.800 Walk-in shower vs. cabin
Toilet $ 350 – $ 950 Additional options such as a tap
Sink $ 300 – $ 775 Type of material and brand
Crane $ 90 – $ 475 Type of material and brand
Floor $ 700 – $ 1.650 Type of tiles e.g.: natural or ceramic
Electricity, siphons, pipes $ 105 – $ 320 How much do you need?

* including the assembly and the material

What do extra options cost?

Option Total average price Explanation
Underfloor heating $ 600- $ 700 10 m2. Price depends on milling the type of underfloor heating, electric and head or auxiliary heating.
Whirlpool or spa bath $ 2.150 – $ 5.600 Instead of a standard bath a bath with bubbles (whirlpool).
Turkish steam bath or steam cabin $ 1.200 – $ 4.000 A cabin with massage jets, radio and LED lighting.

including the assembly and the material

What does a bathroom cost on average: price example

A bathroom consists of many different parts. If you choose to renovate a bathroom, you will logically also have to invest in the purchase and installation of a number of new parts. Not only the bathroom furniture, but perhaps you also want to replace the existing tiles. We’ve listed a number of target prices for you:

Type Average cost price Information

Bathroom tiles Between 30 & 110 dollars + possibly 55 dollar per 11 square foot installation cost. Most people choose to use ceramic tiles in their bathroom. These usually cost between 30 and 110 dollar per 11 square foot. Please note, if you wish to have the tiles installed by a professional, a surcharge of about 50 euros per 11 square feet will apply.

Bathroom Furniture Between 750 & 2,200 dollars It is an average bathroom furniture where the costs for installation are not yet included. On average, a surcharge of 20% is charged.

Renovation of bath, shower and toilet Between 2,750 & 8,200 dollars The cost price for such a project can vary considerably and is almost 90 percent dependent on your personal wishes. A toilet, bath and shower can be as expensive as you wish.

The above makes it clear that a distinction has to be made between the renovation of a basic bathroom and the realization of a bathroom that has all possible, modern gadgets. A basic bathroom renovation will cost about 10,900 dollars. If you want to la more luxurious variant, 27,250 dollars will be charged.

The above costs sound high, but there are different ways. Renovating a bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult. If you choose to use standard, inexpensive materials and you are going to install them yourself, the cost can usually be reduced to around 5,450 dollars. This makes it a lot more affordable to renovate a bathroom!

Renovate a bathroom

Costs for rebuilding/renovating the bathroom

If the purchase of a new bathroom turns out to be too expensive, you may decide to renovate the current bathroom. Of course, this only makes sense if the bathroom itself is still in a reasonable condition, otherwise it’s a waste of money.

The big advantage is that there are fewer new things to be had in the bathroom, reducing the price for the renovation.

Bathroom prices in the future

With the advent of the ‘Internet of Things’, almost everything you can think of will be linked to a smart device. There are ‘smart mirrors’ already, where you can easily access your daily apps. The prices of a bathroom will rise sharply in 2019, 2020 and 2021. You can go all out if you want. A smart shower costs 2600 dollars, a smart toilet 6550 dollars and a smart bath almost 4470 dollars. These kinds of high-tech products are already available in other countries.

Saving tips

We like to give tips on this website so you can save on costs. Take advantage of the following tips and save a lot of money if you are going to renovate your bathroom.

Do it yourself: by renovating your bathroom yourself, you can save a lot of money. However, most people don’t want to do this. Even so, you can still help out the contractor by cleaning up rubbish and possibly helping with other work. You can also choose to leave the renovation of your bathroom to the contractor and install the new cabinets and the mirror yourself. You can also remove the cabinets yourself. Removing tiles from the wall is something almost anyone can do themselves as well. This saves time and money.

Choose locally: an important tip we can give you is to choose a local contractor company. If you choose a contractor who lives far away and who has to travel a lot, you will pay unnecessarily high costs. Choose locally and save on the indirect costs.

With the saving tips above you can save money and have a cheaper overall price, or you can upgrade your bathroom with the saved money. Read more:

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Compare quotes:

Having a bathroom completely rebuilt can cost a lot of money. The options make the difference. But it is also true that the prices between contractors vary considerably. Sometimes up to 30%! It is wise to take your time first and ask for multiple quotations. Fortunately, you can do this via our website. Fill in the quotation form on this page and receive up to 6 quotations from local professionals in your mailbox. Start by comparing and save up to 30% on the total costs.