Costs for water softener

Do you live in an area of the UK with hard water? If so, you might have undoubtedly suffered from limescale deposits in your coffee maker or kettle, or you might have seen deposits on the walls of your bathroom. This can damage your appliances or your central heating system. To remedy this, you can opt to purchase a water softener. Let us take a closer look at this!

The benefits of soft water

When you soften your water, you will notice certain benefits. Firstly, there are the environmental benefits. You need fewer cleaning products; you can use less detergent in your washing machine and dishwasher and of course you need fewer products for removing limescale deposits. This helps in saving money, just as it helps the environment. In addition, your appliances will work better and longer, and your heating costs can be reduced, since your boiler will no longer need to work as hard. You will also notice some changes on and around you; your hair will feel softer, your skin less dry after showering, etc. The deposits in the bathroom or on the car after washing will also disappear.

The costs

There are different types of water softeners on the market. The most common types are electronic and mechanical water softeners. The costs you will be required to pay consist of the purchase of the machine, the installation, possible maintenance, and the cleaning salt that needs to be refilled from time to time. Here, you can find the costs including VAT.

Item The price
Electronic water softener From $950
Mechanical water softener From $750
Salt $25 per 50 kilos
Maintenance contract From $110 per year
Installation costs From $240


A mechanical water softener without maintenance contract: You can choose a mechanical water softener which you will maintain yourself. Mechanical water softeners work with a clock that you set yourself if you want it to soften the water. If you have made these settings correctly, there will be no problem, but there is always the possibility that the machine softens either too much or too little water. You must lubricate the parts, clean the machine, add salt, and test the water for hardness and bacteria.

An electronic water softener without a maintenance contract: If you buy an electronic water softener and maintain it yourself, you lose a little more money. However, this machine softens the water on demand and not based on set specifications. Therefore, it will not work as hard during vacations as when you have guests, for example. These devices use less salt and work more efficiently.

An electronic water softener with maintenance contract: If you do not want to worry about anything, you can consider buying an electronic water softener with a maintenance contract. The water softener will set you to the right program and soften the water when you need it. From time to time, the maintenance team will come by to refill salt and run a complete check on the machine.

Decisions that affect the price

Most of the price for buying a water softener pertains to the material. This is where the greatest savings can be made. If you install the unit yourself, you will only be able to save 18 percent of the total price and that costs you a lot of time and effort. Here are some better ways to lower the price:

The type of water softener

The mechanical water softener cost far less than the electronic type. In the end, both types will yield you softer water, however, the electronic water softener works on demand and the mechanical water softener works according to the specifications you set in yourself.

Maintenance contract or not

You can also take out a maintenance contract during the installation. For an amount starting from $110 per year, you do not have to worry about your machine anymore. You can also save this money by doing the maintenance yourself. This usually consists of lubricating the moving parts, topping up the salt, cleaning the machine and carrying out a water test.

Secondhand or new

It is also possible to find a good secondhand device. You can then buy it at a fraction of the price. You will also have to pay the installation costs, but the total price will still be lower.

Compare offers

The planning of any work, large or small, begins with the comparison of offers. Use our comparison tool for this purpose and you will receive several nonbinding offers within a short time. You can then compare them and make the best decision regarding your new water softener.