Spatula costs

Spatula is a very popular decorative plaster that is mainly used in new homes. Are you also planning to apply ornamental plaster in your home, but would you first like to get a good idea of the prices? We’ve listed the most important costs for you!

How much does spatula decorative plaster cost?

The decorative plaster spatula is a plaster made of plastic. It has a regular grain structure that gives your home a tranquil appearance. The price charged for applying spatula decorative plaster is based on several factors. Think of the fact whether you want to have a wall or a ceiling plastered, but also the size of the surface. We’ve listed the difference in price between the plastering of walls and a ceiling for you.

Factors Average price per 11 square foot (incl. material and labor costs)
Wall Between 10 & 15 dollars
Ceiling Between 14 & 22 dollars

Most economical option: If you want to apply spatula as cheaply as possible, you need to put it on walls. Plastering walls over an area of about 323 square foot will cost about 500 dollars.

Medium option: Applying a decorative plaster like spatula to a ceiling always involves a slightly higher cost. The is because it’s harder to reach. Would you like to have spatula applied on a ceiling with a surface area of 323 square foot? Consider an average price of 625 dollars.

Hourly rate of a plasterer: You also have the possibility to hire a plasterer per hour. This may be useful for smaller projects. Hiring a plaster will cost between 25 and 60 dollars. Please note that when it comes to large projects, it’s often difficult to estimate how much time it’ll take. That’s why they usually charge a price per 11 square foot in this situation.

The price structure of spatula

Would you like to have the plaster spatula applied in your home? There are two parts that make up the price for this. Sixty-five percent of the total price is needed to cover labor costs. The remaining 35 percent is reserved for the purchase of the necessary equipment. As the labor costs account for more than half of the total costs, it is always possible to save on the total costs by comparing quotations.

Choices that affect the price of spatula

Four choices have a direct impact on the price charged for the application of spatula, namely:

Choice 1: The location where to apply spatula

The surface on which the spatula must be applied. We’ve said before that there’s a price difference between having a wall and a ceiling plastered, but there’s more. When the surface has different angles or if certain places are not easy to reach, it also has an impact on the costs. Consider a price between 12 and 18 dollars per 11 square foot for applying spatula. Do you have one or more awkward places in the house that need to be plastered? Those will cost about 20 dollars per 11 square foot.

Choice 2: The surface area to be plastered

The second choice is one on which you have little influence. The surface area that needs to be plastered also determines the price per square 11 foot. Usually it’s between 12 and 18 dollars per 11 square foot for applying decorative plaster. If it’s a wall with a surface area of 1076 square foot, 12 dollars would be doable. If it’s a smaller wall of only 323 square foot for example, then a cost of 18 dollars is more realistic. Isn’t here one large surface area, but a few smaller ones in your house? These are also applicable for saving on the cost per 11 square foot!

Choice 3: Apply it yourself or outsource it?

Applying decorative plaster like spatula is usually a job for specialists. Handy do-it-yourselfers may opt to apply it themselves. It’ll save you a certain amount of money, but you have to be sure that the stucco is applied correctly. If this isn’t the case, this will have a considerable impact on the appearance of your home… and not in a positive sense.

Choice 4: Possible extra options

The options below do not always have to be taken into account. However, they may apply in your case.

Option Average price When?
Adding a thin layer of gypsum underneath the spatula Between 9 & 15 dollar per 11 square foot Do you need to check if you wall is uneven and /or has holes? In that case, a thin layer of gypsum can be applied first, ensuring an even and smooth wall. Only then is the spatula applied.
Starting rate Between 240 & 270 dollars This cost is not always charged. A starting rate is only used when the surface to be plastered is very small. This usually only applies to surfaces smaller than 323 square foot. The material is not included in the price.


Interesting savings tips:

For the installation of a spatula decorative plaster you must take a number of costs into account. Fortunately, you can cut these costs by taking into account the following saving tips.

Do the preparatory work yourself. The costs charged for the installation of a spatula decorative plaster are partly based on any preparatory work that needs to be carried out. The pre-treatment of the walls, as well as taping and treating wholes before the plasterer starts his work. This allows him to start with plastering right away, so that you can achieve a nice saving on the final invoice.

Have the stucco done in one go. Do you have a small area that needs to be plastered resulting in a high price per 11 square foot? It might be cheaper to have multiple locations in your home plastered. The plasterer gets a larger area to work on and you get a cheaper price per 11 square foot.

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