Gate costs

Would you like to buy a new gate for your garden or property? Are you looking for detailed price information? You’ve come to the right place!

How much does a gate cost?

You can choose from a huge range of gates. Because of the many choices, it’s possible for everyone to buy a gate. Are you looking for an ordinary gate or do you want a more luxurious version? Everything’s possible. We’ve listed some prices of various gates for you.

Type of gate Average cost price
Wooden gate Between 300 & 355 dollars
Bar mat Gate Between 465 & 520 dollars
Ornamental gate Between 735 & 790 dollars
Rod gate Between 845 & 900 dollars

* The prices in the table above are based on a width of 3 foot.

Because we understand that prices don’t provide the full picture, we’ve also made a number of price examples. These are the price examples.

Cheapest gate. If you are in the market for a cheap gate, it’s best to go for a wooden gate. Such a gate has a small passage which makes it unsuitable for cars. Want to buy a gate made of impregnated wood? That’ll cost about 300 dollars.

Slightly more expensive gate. Do you prefer a simple, but metal gate that you can drive your car through? That means a bar gate is the best choice for you. Such a coated swing gate can be bought for a price of between 520 and 955 dollars.

Beautiful gate that is suitable for cars. You’re not in the market for a simple looking gate, but for a nice gate, suitable for your car and which has an elegant, luxurious appearance? An ornamental gate with a width of 3 meters is the option for you. The price for such a gate is between 1,530 & 2,125 dollars.

Large gate of good quality. If you want to invest in a gate that has a long lifespan and can be used for cars, you can buy a hardwood sliding gate. Such a gate with a width of 10 foot can be bought for a price starting from 4,800 dollars.

Choices that determine the price of a gate

There are numerous possibilities and different choices have an impact on the price of a gate. We would like to list these choices for you:

Choice 1: The type of material

Wooden gates: Many people choose a wooden gate. This is because soft, impregnated wood is very cheap. This means that the price of your door is always within reason. If you’d like your door to last longer, it’s better to pick a hardwood gate. This is the strongest type of wood and requires little maintenance. However, a hardwood door is always more expensive than a softwood one. Hardwood has a lifespan of at least 25 years, which means that your invest will last a long time. A hardwood gate will cost between 490 and 1,150 dollars.

Metal gates: Different gates, like decorative gates, rod gates and bar mats gates are always made of metal. That’s because these kinds of gates simply can’t be made from wood. A metal gate should always be galvanized. This offers excellent protection against rust. Galvanized doors are silver-greyish. No fan of this color? You can also coat to add a new color like green or black. Would you rather have a color you like? It can be applied for a surcharge of 10 percent.

Choice 2: The style of the gate

Ornamental gate: An ornamental gate will give your garden a beautiful, classic look. You can choose to install an ornamental gate in your fencing, but you can also opt for a freestanding gate. An ornamental gate is relatively inexpensive and can be bought for between 135 and 320 dollars. Coating is included in this price.

Bar gate: The second possibility is a so called Barr Gate. This type of gate may be quite simple, but it does have an elegant appearance and is sturdy as well. Most companies use this kind of gate. The price for a coated gate starts around 275 to 305 dollars. This also includes the coating.

Bar mat gate: A bar gate is very popular because it’s very strong and cheap. Bar mat gates are made from mats with horizontal and vertical bars. These gates costs between 520 and 630 dollars.

Choice 3: Which type of entrance do you prefer?

Gate: A walkway is small in size and only suitable for pedestrians. A walkway is the cheapest gate you can buy. The average price is around 300 dollars.

Swing gate: A swing gate is a gate that has one or two sliding doors. Because of the character of the doors, it’s important that there’s sufficient space on both the inside and outside. The average cost of such a door is about 820 dollar.

Sliding gate: If a swing gate is not possible because there’s not enough space, a sliding gate might be a better option. A sliding gate does not open inwards or outwards, but opens to the side. Obviously, you need space on the sides for it to work properly. The average cost for such a door is about 1,910 dollars. A sliding gate is very heavy and is automated.

Choice 4: Electric gate or not?

Both swing gates and sliding gates are usually automated. This is done because they are heave, but also because you can operate them remotely (for example from the car). A sliding gate only needs one motor. This usually costs between 490 and 1,125 dollar. A swing gate needs three different motors. The price in this case is between 300 dollar (for a linear basic engine) and 3,270 dollar (for an underground engine). A jib costs about 600 to 820 dollar.

Choice 5: Have the gate installed by a specialist or not?

When you are buying a new gate you should always have it installed by a specialist. We would like to list the different assembly costs per door for you:

Type of gate Assembly costs
Walkway gate Between 65 & 135 dollars
Swing gate Between 95 & 135 dollars
Sliding gate Between 900 & 1.365 dollars
Electric swing gate Between 410 & 685 dollars
Electric sliding gate Between 1.365 & 1.855 dollars

Exact price?

The above prices are indicative prices. If you want to know the exact price, you can request a quote. Requesting a quote is free of charge and without obligation. Via our website you can request and compare up to 6 quotations free of charge and without obligation. This saves you time and money. By comparing, you can save up to 30%.