Removing trees costs

Do you have a tree on the property where your house is, and would like to have removed? This is not an everyday job! Removing a tree can quickly lead to damage in the garden. For this reason, it is important to have this work done by a real specialist. Let us have a look at the costs!

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

The cost of felling a tree can vary greatly. Various factors have a direct influence on the price charged. Think not only about the location of the tree, but also about its size and age. Below we have listed the average prices:

Allocation Average costs
Felling of a small tree (with a size of 5.5-8 inch and a height between 13 and 20 feet) $400-$430
Felling of an average tree (with a size of 8-14 inches and a height between 16 and 26 feet) $615-$640
Felling a large tree (from 14 inches and a height between 23 and 49 feet) $830-$850
removal of a tree stump $70-$90


Decisions that affect the cost for felling a tree

Different choices have a direct influence on the price charged for felling a tree. We will gladly list these options for you:

Option 1: The size of the tree

As stated earlier on this page, both the size and the age of the tree determine the magnitude of the price tag that is charged for felling it. This all has to do with the fact that felling an old, large tree takes much more time than removing a small, young tree.

Option 2: The method of removal

The method used to remove the tree is also determined by the location of the tree.

Felling: If a tree has enough space to be felled, it is usually cut down in one go. This is the fastest, as well as the most economical way of cutting a tree.

Climbing: If there is little space to fell a tree, the climbing technique is used. As the name suggests, the gardener then climbs into the tree to remove it from above. Then the branches are carefully lowered with a rope. Due to this method of working, the costs remain relatively limited. In any case, it is a more advantageous way of working compared to using an elevating work platform.

Aerial work platform: In certain cases, an aerial work platform must be used to remove a tree. For example, when there is not enough space to make the tree fall. This technique is also used when the tree is sick or simply too unsafe to climb on. In this situation the costs are much higher, because not only does it include the gardener’s labor costs, but also the rent for the working platform.

Option 3: Having the stump removed

After the tree has been felled, the stump together with the roots is still deep in the ground. You can simply leave the stump in place. Nature will remove it itself after a while. Another possibility is to let the stump serve as a planter or table. In most cases, however, people choose to lay grass or pavement where the stump was. To have the stump removed, an hour of work must be allocated for it. For this a price between $70-$90 is charged.

Option 4: What should be done with the wood?

The remaining wood can be processed in different ways. For example, you can have it shredded to make a garden path, but you can also have the wood disposed of. Another possibility is to store it and saw it into blocks. In this way you will immediately have wood for the fireplace. Please note that there may be additional costs for the processing and disposal of the wood.

What will it cost you?

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