Cost of a window cleaner

Would you like to have your windows cleaned… but you are not free from giddiness or do not have time to do it yourself? Then you can use the services of a window cleaner!

How much does a window cleaner cost?

These costs can vary greatly, and one window cleaner will be much cheaper than another. To give you a good idea of the price, we have listed a few examples.

Type of house Average Cost
Standard row house Between $26 and $33
Semidetached house Between $39 and $46
Detached house Between $52 and $65


However, you should always remember that the exact price depends not only on the type of property, but also on the number and location of the windows. In other words, cleaning windows at great heights will always cost more money than cleaning windows on the ground floor.

What is included in the price?

The window cleaner’s price usually includes not only the cleaning of the window itself, but also the cleaning of the window frame. In this way, the appearance of your house will be restored to its former glory. However, you should keep in mind that sometimes you will have to pay an extra charge if certain places are difficult to reach!

Cleaning windows inside & outside?

The above prices only apply to cleaning the windows on the outside. More and more often, however, people may decide to have the windows cleaned from the inside as well. This is interesting, because this way you will not have to invest any more time for the cleaning yourself and on top of that, a window cleaner has special products. These products can make your windows look like new again without costing a lot of money. On average, about $5 is added to the standard cost of cleaning a window on the inside of the house.

Decisions that influence the window cleaner’s price

The above-mentioned prices already give you an excellent idea of the average cost a window cleaner will charge, but there is more. Various other factors can influence the price.

Option 1: Cleaning windows and doors?

A window cleaner can not only clean your windows, but also some doors or even gates. If you also want to have the doors or gates cleaned, the window cleaner will usually charge a fee for the entire project.

Option 2: How often do you have your windows cleaned?

If you live in a windy or dusty area, you should have your windows cleaned at least once a month. This will prevent dirt from sticking to the windows, which can considerably increase the cost of a window cleaner. If your home is much quieter, it may be sufficient to have your windows cleaned once every three months.

Option 3: The number of windows in your home

As stated earlier on this page, the price can vary greatly depending on the number of windows. A row house that has large or many windows can be even more expensive than a single-family house that has only a few windows. To avoid financial surprises, it is always advisable to contact the window cleaner of your choice in case of doubt.

In summary: the factors that influence the price:

  • How long the work will take
  • The number of employees involved
  • The difficulty of the work
  • Number of customers per district
  • Travel expenses

Interesting saving tips

Don’t you have any time at all to clean the windows in your house? Do the options being offered by a window cleaner sound good? But would you like to save a little more on costs? This is possible with the following saving tips!

Clean the windows from the inside yourself. Do you want all the windows in your house to be cleaned? If you want to save a little more, it will be interesting to clean the windows from the inside yourself. This is quite easy, even for people with dizziness.

Do not let your windows get too dirty. Frequent cleaning of your windows not only makes it more difficult for dirt to adhere to the pane, but also allows the window cleaner to clean them much more efficiently. As a result, you pay less!

Find an affordable window cleaner

The best tip we can give you is to compare several offers from different window cleaners in your area. This will give you a better insight into the costs and possibilities.