Gardener costs

Would you like to have a beautiful and well-kept garden, but do you have very little time to maintain it yourself? Would you like to call on an experienced gardener/ landscaper? We are happy to give an overview of the prices.

How much does a gardener cost?

If you want to hire a gardener for the maintenance of your garden, you should bear in mind that we can actually divide his or her activities into four parts. We distinguish landscaping, garden maintenance, garden design and garden renovation. The costs that are charged for these different activities are shown in the table below.

Service Average cost
Garden maintenance Between 35 & 65 dollars per hour
Garden design Between 380 & 435 dollars for a 1076 square foot garden
Landscaping Between 75 & 270 dollars per 11 square foot
Garden renovation Between 45 & 100 dollars per 11 square foot

Price example

The above only provides a limited overview of gardener costs and that’s why we’ve provided some specific price examples:

Maintaining your garden: If you are looking for valuable help to maintain your garden, a gardener can be the perfect solution. He’ll make sure your garden is pruned and that the lawn is mowed. If you want to outsource the maintenance of your garden to a gardener, this’ll cost between 35 and 65 dollars per hour.

A completely new garden: Are you planning to move and would you like to have a completely new garden for your new home? In that case, you will want a gardener to make a garden design first. This design is completely based on your wishes. If you want a 1076 square foot garden it’ll cost between 380 and 435 dollars. Please note that the bigger the garden, the more expensive it gets. When you are satisfied with the design proposed by the gardener, you can then assign the realization of this new garden. This will cost between 75 and 270 dollars per 11 square foot.

Renovating an existing garden: Not just house can be renovated, a garden can as well. This means that the basic structure of the garden won’t be affected and most of the material is reused. It’s not just about things like tiles, but plants will also make their appearance in your renewed garden. Your garden will look like new again, but without having to pay the high costs of creating a completely new garden. On average, renovating a garden will cost between 45 & 100 dollars per 11 square foot.

Choices that determine the price of a gardener

Various factors have a direct influence on the price charged by a gardener. We would like to list the most important choices for you below.

Choice 1: Have a garden design made or not?

Not everyone chooses to have a garden design made for the realization of his or her garden. A garden design has some very interesting advantages. After all, a gardener knows best how to best use the space in your garden. This also prevents you from unpleasant surprises during the construction of the garden. A garden design will cost between 380 and 535 dollars for a 1076 square foot garden. Please note that this price doesn’t include the planting plan. There’s a surcharge of 50 percent for this planting plan. See also: garden design costs.

Choice 2: Outsourcing gardening or not?

After you’ve decided whether or not to have a garden design made, it is time for you to decide if you’d want to do the gardening yourself or if you’d want to outsource it. Outsourcing means that you don’t have to put in the time and effort in yourself, but this comes at a cost. Constructing a garden will cost between 75 and 270 dollars per 11 square foot when done by a gardener. The big price difference is due to the complexity of the landscaping process. For simple assignments, the price is low, while more complex assignments will be more expensive. In any case, by doing the gardening yourself, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Choice 3: Periodic maintenance needed or not?

When you have a new, beautiful garden, you will want to keep it beautiful at all times. This is the reason why people hire gardeners and have their garden maintained. Maintaining your garden will cost between 35 and 65 dollars. By regularly pruning and mowing the lawn yourself you might chip some off these costs.

Interesting savings tips

Would you also like hire a gardener, but are you still looking for a number of ways to save on the costs? Then have a look at the interesting saving tips below!

Helping the gardener. A possibility to save on the costs charged by a gardener is to put in some work yourself. You can take a lot of work from the gardener enabling him to focus on more specific tasks. This obviously results in a lower invoice.

Compare quotes from different gardeners. Gardeners can charge very different hourly wages. Comparing quotations from several gardeners may result in considerable savings.