Staircase renovation costs

Do you have an existing, older staircase – and would like it to regain its authentic look and beauty? In this case you can opt to renovate your staircase. In this way, you do not need to build a completely new staircase, but you get a new looking staircase at a very reasonable price. Let us have a look at the costs!

How much does the staircase renovation cost?

When carrying out renovation work, you should always bear in mind that there are some decisions you must make. This is of course no different with stairs. For example, you need to choose which material to use. In most cases you will have to choose a staircase made of wood, but you can also choose a steel staircase, or a staircase made of granite. And what about the workmanship?

In any case, you should always remember that the price of the material largely determines the final cost price. Hardwood, for example, is a rather expensive material, which means that a hardwood staircase is automatically more expensive. It is difficult to give a concrete price when it comes to having your staircase renovated, especially because so many different personal decisions affect the price charged. Nevertheless, we have listed a few recommended prices for an average staircase renovation:

Type of staircase renovation Average cost
Staircase renovation carpet $355-$850
Staircase renovation laminate $535-$1065
Staircase renovation vinyl $710-$1420
Staircase renovation paint $320-$745
staircase renovation oak top layer $850-$2130


(Re)painting the stairs

Do you have an existing wooden staircase of a certain age? Would you like to give your staircase a completely new look without having to spend a lot of money on it? In this case, it would be great if you had your staircase painted. The staircase should first be polished and sanded down, after which the paint can be applied in several layers. This is a very economical way of renovating your staircase, as it can be realized with as little as $310 and $745.

Wooden top layer staircase renovation

The renovation of a staircase with a(n) (oak) wood top layer is by far the most expensive option. However, the result is sublime. This old, ugly staircase is transformed in no time at all into a beautiful, luxurious staircase that adds extra value to your home. All in all, you need to allow for an average price of between $850 and $2130 for such a renovation. For this money you could almost buy a new staircase!

Interesting saving tips

Selection of the material. The most important costs in staircase renovation are the material to be purchased. Choosing a low-cost material can therefore significantly reduce the cost required for your staircase renovation. Do you have a wooden staircase and want to give it back its authentic look or to at least freshen it up? Then a new splash of paint can work wonders. It is inexpensive and your staircase will look like new almost immediately!

Do it yourself. In certain cases, it is possible to do some work yourself. For example, if a staircase needs to be painted, you can choose to sand it down first. The steps involved in sanding quite easy and can be done by almost anyone. In this way the craftsman can save a lot of time because he can start painting immediately. You could even do this yourself. In this case you just need to make sure that you buy the right kind of paint. Also make sure that the paint is applied in several layers for an optimal result.

Compare quotes for staircase renovations and save money

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